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For Noche Buena, A Malunggay Flavored Cake

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Choose Philippines | Nov 12, 2019
For Noche Buena, A Malunggay Flavored Cake

Story and photos by Jay Dalupay

Christmas season is here and with the amount of food that everyone is sure to enjoy, the struggle to keep within healthy boundaries of eating becomes all the more real. For a sweet ending perfect even for the most calorie-phobic individuals, consider this vegan Malunggay cake recipe from vegan Chef Chef Elpi Jugalbot III, owner of Elpi Vegan Restaurant in General Santos City that costs approximately Php400! 

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Chef Elpi reveals that this cake is one of the best selling products of their restaurant, pointing out the health benefits of going for a plant-based dessert. "Most of the cakes out there are high in bad cholesterol but ours is rich in omega 3," he shares, "Malunggay has 90 nutrients, 47 anti-oxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds, rich in protein, fiber and many more. Whatever you like, whatever you want, you have it in our very own Malunggay."

To have this cake and eat it too, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Pour in the flour in a pan.

2. Put the white coconut sugar.

3. Then, the malunggay powder.

4. The baking soda and salt.

5. Then mix it nicely until it's all green.

6. Don't forget to put the soya milk.

7. Instead of egg, you can use chia seeds.

8. Mix a vanilla oil and butter mixture.

9. Mix it then bake for 40-45mins at 140 to 180 degrees oven.

10. Cool then ice with coconut frosting.

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