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Unconventional Leche Flan Cravings? This Albay Hotel Has You Covered!


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Choose Philippines | Dec 17, 2019
Unconventional Leche Flan Cravings? This Albay Hotel Has You Covered!

Story and photos by Jose P. Carretero

Noche Buena will never be complete without our favorite leche flan as dessert. A traditional leche flan is made up from eggs and milk but a hotel in Legazpi City, Albay has put a creative twist to this Noche Buena staple. The Oriental Albay Hotel serves different but equally delicious versions of Leche Flan.

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Chef Ronald Bendo, the Executive Chef of the Oriental Albay said, he came up with the idea of creating leche flan variants to satiate the gastronomic experience of their clients this Christmas season. These exceptional flans best showcase the overflowing sweetness and flavorsome holiday celebrations of Filipinos.

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Among these sweet treats are the Puto Flan, which is essentially traditional Puto topped with Leche Flan.

Other delicious items are the Kutsinta Flan and the Puto Kutsinta topped with Leche Flan. These are offered in bite-sized servings.

An interesting option is Floating Island Leche Flan cake, with an ethereal Brazo De Mercedes as the cake’s crowning glory and Ube Halaya as the luscious bottom layer.

Another mouthwatering leche flan flavor is the Buko Pandan Leche Flan, a pillowy soft Buko Pandan sponge cake crowned with Leche Flan.

For those with dairy allergies, the hotel offers a milk-free alternative called Tocino Del Cielo, a flan created from a heavenly combination of sugar and eggs.

All these leche flan variants are available at the Oriental Albay this Christmas season.

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