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Taho Cravings? Try this Awesome Treat in a Tub!

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Remember the time where you and your friends are always waiting in the street to buy a Taho? It is sold by a man roaming the city on foot carrying two aluminum buckets balanced by wood on their shoulders. The quarantine season surely made you miss the wakeup call every morning from our favorite mananaho (vendor) where we would run down and try to catch him to buy a cup of his delicious taho with condensed milk added. For many, we loved (eating/drinking) taho early in the morning as a source of energy for breakfast and as a yummy treat in the afternoon.

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Taho is a sweet Filipino delicacy that consists of steamed silken tofu doused in arnibal, a rich, caramel-like syrup made from melted brown sugar enriched with vanilla. This is topped with plump sago pearls similar in appearance and texture to tapioca. Eating taho has a lot of health benefits. It is rich in protein that will help you decrease your cholesterol intake. According to a recent study, it can also help prevent heart disease.

Fcebook: Giant Taho

While our suking mananaho (vendor) is still on break, we can satiate our hankering for taho through the wonders of the digital marketplace! In Quezon City, a store offers a unique and affordable way to satisfy your cravings this quarantine season: Taho in a Tub! Each tub includes 2.5 liters of either hot or chilled taho, 350 grams of syrup and 350 grams of sago. You can also add tapioca pearls for only P80.00 or original syrup for P60.00. They also offer Strawberry flavored syrup (just like in Baguio) or Chocolate flavored syrup for extra richness both for only P100. Check out the Facebook page of Giant Taho for the delivery details.

Facebook: Giant Taho 

Don’t let the quarantine season deprive you to take your daily dose of happiness from a cup of taho that will surely make you shout… Tahooo!

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