Beat the Heat: All Good Melon Halo Halo

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Apr 08, 2016

Melons abundantly grow in the Philippines during summer season or sometime between the months of April to July. The fruit is said to be good in improving eyesight and kidneys. It is also a good source of vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and selenium.

This summer, preparing a refreshing snack will help us get through this hot and humid day brought to us by high temperatures. Since melons are in season, let’s make it as the star of our recipe.

A food enthusiast, HRM Staff Ron Dionio, has shared to us a delicious dessert perfect for summer. It is a combination of shake and halo-halo, a common favorite of Ilonggos. He calls it Valkyrie’s Delight!

Follow these simple steps to make your Melon Halo Halo: 

  • melon, sliced into half
  • ice, crushed
  • pinipig
  • gulaman
  • banana, candied (saging de dulce)

  • sago
  • simple syrup – also known as sugar syrup, it is made with 2 ingredients: sugar and water

  • Grenadine syrup – a red syrup that is usually made from pomegranates or red currants

  • evaporated milk


  • In a clean bowl, prepare the melon by shredding the insides. Set aside the shell.

  • Place the melon in the blender. Add milk and simple syrup. Blend and set aside.
  • Place the crushed ice inside the melon shell. Pour in the blended ingredients.

  • Top it with the candied sliced bananas, gulaman, sago, pinipig and grenadine syrup.


Just like the usual halo-halo, you can also add your favorite ingredients to make it more flavorful. Enjoy your treat!

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