Curva 1962: Bulacan's Unique Take On Guava


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Choose Philippines | Jun 20, 2018
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Curva 1962 is a home style restaurant that has something special.

Chef Sandy Daza visited Curva 1962 to try their house specialties that are enhanced by the flavor of Guava. 

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These Guava specialties are:

Postreng Alimango

This dish  is made of fresh crabs mixed with alamang, green chili and ripe guava juice.


 This is a sinigang specialty made with grilled milkfish and a mix of tamarind broth and guava juice

Pork Spareribs Sinigang 

Another sinigang dish which has crisp vegetables in a sweet guava-based soup

When Chef Sandy was asked, "how do you like it?"

This is what he has to say...

Watch our  video to know more about these unique speciality dishes.

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How to Get There:

Curva 1962

Baliwag, Bulacan


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