The Best Sapin Sapin in Bulacan


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Choose Philippines | Jun 21, 2018
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Rice cakes have always been a specialty in Bulacan. Do you know how they are made?

Kalamay is made of glutinous rice and coconut milk.


Rice is cooked and ground into a fine paste until it forms into a dough or galapong

It is steamed then transferred to a cheese cloth once cooked 

Kalamay Hirin is a special kalamay served with fresh latik.

Latik is cocnut curds mixed with virgin coconut oil, sugar, and coconut milk that is simmered and allowed to thicken.




How to get there:

Try the best Sapin Sapin in Bulacan and visit Mang Gorio’s Kakanin in Atnag, Malolos City, Bulacan (044)622-5926


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