This Song's For You: Sayongsong

Surigao del Norte

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Oct 09, 2013
This Song's For You: Sayongsong

Ground ordinary and glutinous rice are combined to make Surigao City’s favorite snack food: Sayongsong.

Ever on the lookout for local delicacies, I asked the Surigaonon Tourism officers to let me take a bite of its local delicacy. They had one answer: Sayongsong.

No wonder because it is Caraga region’s rice-based delicacy.

Fortunately, it is readily available at only Php5 per cone. So what does one do but buy and eat with gusto… It is kalamay but tastes just right. Not too sweet. It can go well with sikwate (hot chocolate made from tabliya).

How many cones did you think I had? Secret…. Anyway, Surigaonon Ka Jose Minglana shares how it is made.

It is made from the combination of the two kinds of rice, roasted peanuts, coconut milk and brown sugar. A little kalamansi juice is optional.

The rice combination is washed and soaked for 15-20 minutes. It is then grind then mixed with roasted peanuts. Set aside.

Coconut milk and brown sugar is then mixed and boiled for 10 minutes.

Filter and mix with all the other ingredients then cook in a pan with constant stirring until the mixture becomes firm. Squeeze in a little kalamansi juice (Optional).

Cool, mold into cones and wrap in banana leaves.

Steam for 15-20 minutes.

Let it cool for a while and its time to eat :)

This is just the basic recipe… you can fill it with buko strips or chocolate… the combinations are endless depending on what you want and crave for :)

Thank you Region 13 Department of Tourism, Surigao del Norte Provincial and Surigao City Tourism Offices for the warm welcome and very very good food :)

How To Get There:

From the gateway to Mindanao, Davao City, Surigao City is 8 hours away by land. Bus Fare is Php500 from Davao City to Butuan and from Butuan City to Surigao City is Php195.

PAL and other major airlines fly daily from Manila to Surigao City.

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