The Best Crispy Pata in the World

Nannah Tobias
Nannah Tobias | Mar 12, 2014

Bob Marlin is a popular restaurant and bar in Bicol and it truly lives up to its cool name. The name is inspired by reggae icon Bob Marley, and that alone tells us how this place rocks for customers who want to unwind, chill, and go on a food trip.

bob Beautifully lit Bob Marlin restaurant at night

Some Bob Marlin Trivia

Did you know that it Bob Marlin is the first restaurant built along Naga's famous Magsaysay Avenue, way back in 1990? It's no wonder how people from all over the country would always recommend it for dining.

Today, Bob Marlin is just one out of many restaurants there that serve crispy pata, but this one exceeds the expectations of many customers. All the time. Count us among them!

The Crispy Pata

bob This crispy pata plate is only 499 pesos!

No one who has tasted this will lie to you. It's just too good to pass up on, so come prepared with a big, big appetite before you hit this joint.

bob Their garlic rice at 195 pesos is a perfect match to Bob Marlin's fried dishes

Bob Marlin's Other Staple Favorites

bob A must order in every Bicol restaurant: Laing. Only 69 pesos

When in Bicol, you learn fast that laing (a spicy vegetable dish cooked in coconut milk) comes in many flavors and varieties. If you're on a "Best Laing Hunt," then Bob Marlin's version must be on your list.

bob You can never go wrong with seafood: Grilled Squid at 75 pesos per 100g

Another favorite of ours would be the Island Grilled Squid that's simply tender. The filling blends well in your mouth, too. The spicier the soy sauce, the better it gets.

bob Inseparable dishes: Laing and Bicol Express

The Bicol Express is a stew made from long chilies, shrimp paste, coconut milk, fish, onion, pork, and garlic. We particularly enjoyed the chilies. This dish is only 69 pesos!

The Interiors

bob The Choose Bicol team! From L to R: Alec Francis Santos of Naga Excursions, Apple Allison Perez of, Nannah Tobias & Enzo Lacap & Phillip Kimpo Jr. of ABS-CBN's Choose Philippines, and our gracious host, Bob Marlin's owner slash resident artist Jerome Palma

Every customer is encouraged to write on a Bob Marlin plate that will be posted on the resto's walls. This personal touch for feedback is heartwarming and encourages the customers to visit more often.

You see plates written by celebrities, athletes, politicians, and yes, the Choose Philippines team had the pleasure to write on one, too. We'll be sending our sticker soon!

bob Choose Bob Marlin, Choose Philippines!

bob It doesn't get any cooler than these tiny squares of Naga and Bob Marlin love

Outside Where the Booze Flows Free

bob Rasta lovin' at the Reggae Bar where the drinks come in almost every color imaginable

The Naga nightlife is pretty happening and you can't miss out on the Reggae Bar.

bob Bob Marley: Nobody leaves the bar sober!

bob Your choice of poison and munchies

bob Many conversation starters you may find on the wall as you may be drinking with a date or with good friends

Bob Marlin is an absolute must-dine-in and must-drink-in restobar in Naga. Don't forget to order the best crispy pata in the world when you happen to drop by the coolest restaurant in the city!

bob We will be back with a bigger appetite, Bob!

VIEW: Make Naga City your jump-off point to the rest of the region with the Choose Philippines “Hot Map to Bicol”:


How to Get There:

Naga City is located about 377 km southeast of Metro Manila. By air, Naga is served by the Naga Airport which is located just outside the city proper, in the nearby town (and the CamSur capital) of Pili. A flight from Manila takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

By land, Naga is an eight-hour bus ride from Pasay or Cubao. The Philippine National Railways used to offer daily train rides to Naga (Bicol Express, Mayon Limited De Luxe, and Mayon Limited Ordinary); stay tuned to their website and Facebook page for updates.

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