Climbing the Beanstalk in Baguio City


Jopet Galvez
Jopet Galvez | Apr 20, 2014

I got a new discovery! A hip cafe along Session Road you'll surely love!

Ever heard of Jack and the Beanstalk? Jack might probably visit this so called cafe "Beans Talk" located just along Session Road, at the newly opened City Center Hotel.

Strategically located right in front of McDonalds, students and professionals will truly enjoy either their study time, or business talks inside.

I ordered their best selling "Black Forest Frappe" for only P120, and luckily found out they have carrot an banana bread, my favorites! And to add up, you think this is just an amazingly perfect cafe with coffees and frappes? Well, they also serve meals for excited tummies! They have this Buffalo Wings as their signature dish for only P150!

Making this cafe perfect is their high speed wifi, what a God's gift! ounds? Very modern and updated. A veranda overlooking the stretch of lower Session Road and Burnham Park? three stars! And their crew? I bet girls will surely love them.

Healthy food in a perfect place? Lads will surely visit this cafe often and a definite hit to students like me.

98% Cleanliness 98% Food presentation 97% Food Taste 99% Ambiance wise 90% Wifi Speed 95% Crew attentiveness 97% Crew total look 100% Service wise 100% Location wise

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