5 Must-Eats at Baler's Yellow Fin Bar & Grill

Baler, Aurora

Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | Jun 11, 2014

Yellow Fin Bar and Grill is the typical restaurant that locals recommend to visiting travelers. With an array of delicious food and a laid-back ambiance, this restaurant is a must-experience for both first-timers and Baler veterans.

TIP: Make sure to order in advance and have seats reserved to avoid waiting in line. It may also take a while for the food because the dishes are served fresh off the grill.

Here are some of the recommended food that just hit the right spot after a long day of playing in the waters:

1) Grilled Yellow Fin

I swear by the deliciousness of the grilled yellow fin. It's so good and can be enjoyed by 3-4 persons. The fish is fresh. Make sure to order an extra serving of rice.

2) Grilled White Tuna Fillet

The grilled white tuna fillet is cooked in a lot of garlic which makes it a crowd favorite.

3) Grilled Liempo & Sisig

The grilled liempo and sisig are Filipino favorites. These pork dishes are also the perfect "pulutan" for a drinking session with the barkada.

4) Grilled Squid

One thing I love about Baler is the fresh seafood everywhere! And they also come with a cheap price, so that's definitely a plus. Here's an order of grilled squid to satisfy our craving.

5) Pako Salad

To balance all the meat, order the famous and delicious pako salad with fish bagoong dressing.

Don't miss a chance for a delicious dining experience in Baler. Add Yellow Fin Bar and Grill to your itinerary.


  • Location: Sabang Beach, 3200 Baler, Aurora

  • Contact Nos.: 09998436176 and 09399245836

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