The Kapampangan Delight That is Nathaniel's


Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | Jun 17, 2014

When a friend or family member of yours goes to Pampanga, make sure to ask them to bring you home some Nathaniel’s.

What started as a home business in 1994 is fast becoming one of the favorite pasalubong hubs in Pampanga. General Manager Francis Co said that they had two products available when they started, Nathaniel’s Siopao and Siomai. It all started thru delivery and a small, canteen-type restaurant at their house.

Eventually the menu started to pile up and the Nathaniel’s most famous product came along, the buko pandan. This creamy and iced delight is a favorite among customers and is perfect for the warm weather here in the Philippines. They even have buko pandan juice to pair with any meal they serve. Other famous products are the puto pao, tarts, and a selection of pastries and Filipino desserts.

Mr. Co said that they make all of their products themselves, and that they're all original recipes of the company. The owners also make sure that the products are fresh so as to preserve their quality.

To ensure the quality, a limited quantity is produced every day, so be sure to call ahead, especially on weekends and peak seasons (holidays). It's best to take the extra effort to reserve for the delicacies than to go home sorry!

These products are also frequently requested by our kapamilyas abroad, especially the puto pao and the macapuno tarts. A bite of any of these delicious products will definitely bring a piece of home to homesick Filipinos working tirelessly in other countries.

Now a restaurant and a bakeshop, with three branches and two more to open this year, Nathaniel’s products are the embodiment of how sweet, thoughtful, and warm-hearted Kapampangans can be. The embodiment, too, of the Pinoy's pasalubong tradition. Bring home a part of Pampanga’s sweet tooth and share it to your friends and family. It really is more fun to eat in the Philippines!

Nathaniel’s Bakeshop has branches in:

  • Olongapo Gapan Road, Dolores San Fernando Pampanga
  • Marquee Mall, Angeles City Pampanga
  • Timog Avenue, Corner Panay Street Quezon City
  • SM Pampanga
  • Puregold Dau, Mabalacat

You may call them at:

  • (045) 3040900
  • (045) 9614008
  • (02) 9211959

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