Crocodile Ice Cream, Anyone? 7 Must-Tastes in Davao City

Danie Sedilla-Cruz | Aug 12, 2014

(Click for the full schedule of Davao City's 2014 Kadayawan Festival.)

In every place, there's always some food discoveries. Here's ours in Davao City.

1) Penong's Grilled Chicken

Tasty and juicy just the way I like it.


  • Address: #147 Saint Michael St., Coca-cola Village, Matina, Davao City (Main Office)
  • Contact number/s: (082) 298 8565 and (082) 298 8363

2) Lachi's Sans Rival (and other desserts)

The nuts are fresh, the meringue is crunchy and the buttercream is not too sweet but creamy and delicious. They also have a whole array of desserts, we sampled some of their cakes. We enjoyed them too.


  • Address: Door 1-H Values School Building, Ruby St, Marfori Heights, Davao City,
  • Contact number/s: (082) 224-5552

3) Malagos Garden Resort's Churros and Chocolate Dip

The bittersweet chocolate is the perfect dip to the crunchy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside churros.


  • Address: Bgy. Malagos, Calinan, Davao City
  • Contact number/s: (082) 3011375, (0917) 7235763

4) Crocodile Park's Crocodile Ice Cream

Not too sweet but creamier.


  • Address: Crocodile Park Complex, Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City
  • Contact Number/s:(082) 301 3274

5) Edong's Durian Sanz Rival

I never thought that durian can taste good as a sans rival.


  • Km. 5 J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City, 8000 Address: J.P Laurel Ave., Palma Gil St., Bo. Obrero, Davao City
  • Contact Number/s:(082)224 0087

6) and 7) Kaonanan's (Of Tribu Kamindanawan) Kinilaw with Itlog na Maalat and Native na Manok Adobo

A different twist on kinilaw and adobong manok. Their sourness of kinilaw is balanced by the saltiness of the salted eggs. And the adobong manok is not just garlicky, but also gingery. A pleasant surprise to a usual fare.

  • Address: Crocodile Park Complex, Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City
  • Contact Number/s: (082) 302-9923, (082) 286-8833, (0923) 6586041


Kinilaw with Itlog na Maalat


Native na Manok Adobo

We hope you'll share your food finds in Davao City. Sarap!

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How to Get There

From Manila, Davao City is an hour and 40 minutes by plane and 3 days and 2 nights by land and sea. PAL flies daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. The taxi flag down rate is Php 40.

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