USB Meal, SMS Soup? Carinderias Go High-Tech!

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Choose Philippines | Oct 30, 2014

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Food to go, food for dine in, and foor for pick up are the must-have's of a usual turo-turo. But nowadays, each place has to have their own gimmick to create noise in the vicinity.

This one carinderia, for example, boasts of:

  • Combo meals, which consist of rice, 2 viands (veggies or meat), and only going for less than Php 50 (definitely a great deal for students and cost-cutting professionals);

  • USB - Unlimited Sabaw ng Baka (unlimited beef soup);

  • SMS - Super Maasim na Sinigang (super sour sinigang);

  • Group meals, which consist of various viands for a group of 5 people and up.

And speaking of a streetside eatery, here's one that's gotten big and famous!

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