Local Drinks with A Continental Twist: Only at 18 Bistro

Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Mar 31, 2015

If you’re old enough to drink, you probably know a handful of bars and other inuman places. Maybe you frequent some, maybe you’ve never been to one. But if you’re looking for an intimate place to drink with your friends, or wine and dine your significant other, then Eighten Bistro along Sct. Rallos may be the best place for you this coming weekend.

Eighteen serves continental flavors in a quiet, intimate setting, well away from the hustle and bustle of bars and clubs along Tomas Morato. If you’re looking to escape the noise, go here. Their resident bartender and co-owner, JP Magpayo, has made drinks on several cruise liners before settling down with his girlfriend and establishing Eighteen. They serve all your favorites, with unique twists, such as:

Sangria. Red wine, brandy, orange liqueur, fresh fruits. The ingredients are simple to procure, and even simpler to mix. But the refreshingly sweet and tangy taste of Sangria is difficult to get, especially for a newbie. Thankfully, for JP, it’s easy, and delicious!

Pro-tip: JP says this drink is perfect for hangovers.

If you’ve been an innocent boy or girl your entire life, shying away from alcohol, but have since wanted to try it, this is the best pick for you. It’s made with Ginger Ale, Melon Liqueur, and Vodka, but is very sweet. JP says this drink is best for those transitioning to alcoholic drinks for the first time.

DID YOU KNOW? Whiskey is spelled that way in the US and Ireland, while Whisky is spelled that way in Japan, Canada, and Scotland (its country of origin).

No matter how you spell it, Eighteen’s Spicy Whiskey Sour is something you should definitely try. Theirs is a simple mixture of whiskey and fresh lemon juice, made spicy with a dash of cayenne pepper. If you’re looking for that badass drink to match your badass attitude, this one’s for you. 

Pro-tip: This drink is best enjoyed with friends, most especially at night.

The Mojito, a bar classic the moment it came out. White rum is mixed with mint and soda water, and garnished with lime to produce a refreshing summer drink. JP personally makes his Mojito with grazed, rather than crushed, mint leaves. He explains that the crushing of the mint releases oils which make the drink bitter. Because of that, the Choosers, his patrons, and Mojito glasses everywhere thank him.

Pro-tip: This drink is very strong. Don’t down it in one gulp if you’re just transitioning to alcoholic drinks.

One of my instructors at culinary school told me that true connoisseurs drink because of how the tastes widen their horizons. They don’t drink to get drunk. If you consider yourself a connoisseur, drop by Eighteen and try their drinks. Ask JP to suggest pairings with their food, and you’ll have a meal you won’t soon forget!

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Though we enjoy our share of alcoholic drinks, always remember to drink responsibly and never drive under the influence. If you’re planning to go on a night of heavy drinking, make sure to bring a friend or a designated driver with you.

You can find Eighteen Bistro at 51B Scout Rallos, Brgy. Laging Handa, QC. If you want to reserve, you can contact them at 0917 595 0018. 

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