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Maritess Canlas
Maritess Canlas | May 19, 2015

Stepping into Industriya Marikina is like being transported to a world of bygone days.  The images around me seemed so surreal.  Things that I have only seen in period movies or have studied as part of history.  The song Someone To Watch Over Me, played int the background adding to the nostalgia while I continued to be mesmerized by the one-time leather tanning factory-turned gem of a restaurant and events place.

The owners of Industriya Marikina have been in the shoe business since the 1940s.  It was about 2 and 1/2 years ago when they started transforming their leather tanning factory to what is now the main restaurant and their shoe factory to their very spacious events venue.  A labor of love is what they say it is.  A very fitting homage to the industry that they grew up with.

More than their desire to serve amazingly good food, it is their love for the shoe manufacturing industry that gave them the strength to complete the project.  They wanted to share a bit about the history when the Philippines was the shoe capital of Asia.  This is why structures have been kept and that the design elements include such things as wooden shoe mold and shoe manufacturing equipment.


Machineries or at least major parts of the original ones used, are strategically located in the restaurants as accents and reminders of what the original place was.

We have been told that the same leather that are used for making shoes have been used for their leather clad posh seating. If you look around, each dining set up isn't exactly the same.



This is the most photographed part of the restaurant.  The gorgeous light installation using colorful bottles.  It's such an ingenious way to make a restaurant look pretty interesting.  Kudos to the patriarch of the family who is the creative genius behind Industriya Marikina.

And now for the food.  The owners shared with us that their menu has been largely influenced by their travels here and abroad.  They are what you would say as personal favorites.  Before we go to each of their best sellers, may I just mention that Industriya Marikina serves delicious Chinese, Thai, Japanese, American, Italian and of course Filipino dishes.

Let us start off with the Industriya Marikina Roasted Pumpkin Soup.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is my goto soup to oder.  Industriya Marikina's version definitely hits the mark for me.  There is definitely something about the roasting process that enhances the taste and texture of food.  I must admit that Industriya's roasted pumpkin soup was very satisfying to have.  It had the right level of creaminess and texture.  At P160 per serving, this could very well serve 2.  Unless of course you want to have it all for yourself.

House Salad

If salad is more your thing, there are two on the Industriya menu that I suggest to try.  First is their House Salad, and the other one is their version of the Thai Pomelo Salad.  Their House Salad (P200) had the right elements of a beautiful salad.  It had color, it had crunch, it had texture, and more importantly, it was delicious.

Thai Pomelo Salad

Family loves dining out.  Whenever we are at a Thai restaurant, it is automatic for us to order the Thai Pomelo Salad Industriya's version is light and refreshing, with plump pink sweet shrimp. The twist?  They created their own dressing which had desiccated coconut. This additional element in the recipe upped the ante by giving the salad extra sweetness and texture.  Really yum!  

Let's go to the main dishes shall we?  

Fetuccine Thermidor de la Mer

The Fetuccine Thermidor de la Mar (P200) is a lovely pasta dish with a beautiful medley of choice seafoods simmered in rich wine sauce.  The fetuccine was al dente, as it should be,  and the exquisite sauce enveloped each piece of the well-cooked pasta.   Ok, I miss this already.  All I can say is, you have got to try this.  Try this with wine for a romantic setting.


Gambas Al Ajillo

I love tomato-based dishes, but not the ones that are overly tang or sour.  Industriya Marikina's Gambas Al Ajillo (P285) had the right mix of ingredients.  The taste was spot on.  Why wouldn't it when they used fresh Iberian style shrimp that they quickly sautéed with aleppo peppers, spices, and garlic. The dish is then finished off with extra virgin olive oil.  I love the tomatoey and garlicky taste of this dish.  Yummy!

All Meat Pizza 

Who doesn't love pizza, specially one that looks like that?  Dough made from scratch, premium tasty ingredients, and yes thin crust.  It's a very tasty and satisfying treat.  BTW, don't you just love that the pizza is served on some sort of a butcher's block?  An order is worth P235.

Classic Burger with Fries

Now, that is a what I call burger!  The burger patty is made from 100% New Zealand beef.  I liked that it was moist without it being greasy.  It was what you may call scrumptious.  The sides were definitely bonuses to the main event which was the burger.  This gorgeous spread is P220.


Pan Seared Tenderloin Steak

Of all the delicious dishes served us that day, Industriya Marikina's Pan Seared Tenderloin Steak (P495) was my super favorite.  Just like all the other items in the menu, the steak is good for sharing, then again, I could finish it all by myself if I wanted to.

It was so easy to slice the steak into bite size pieces.  It was juicy and flavorful.  It was perfect just the way it was.  No steak sauce nor other condiments needed.  I simply loved it.

If you are in the mood for Japanese but raw stuff isn't your thing, there are two on Industriya's menu that you may want to try.  One is the more familiar Californian Maki (P175) and the other is Buta Ramen (P350).

California Maki

The California Maki is made only upon order so the likelihood of you getting ones that sat in the chiller for so long should be nil. This maki is one of the most ordered Japanese dishes so make sure that you don't miss the chance to try it.



Buta Ramen 

Buta Ramen, is a flavorful ramen dish that uses a rich pork stock as its soup base.  Said stock is simmered for 15 hours.  Now, that is commitment to flavor.


Crispy Pata 

Last on our list, before we move on to desserts, is hands down the most ordered Filipino dish at Industriya Marikina, no other than the Crispy Pata (P595).  This is one Crispy Pata that you should really, I mean really try.  The pork knuckles are cooked for 6 hours to make sure that when they are fried, the outside part is amazingly crispy, while the meat stays fork tender.  

We have been told to always make room for dessert so we bring you three luscious desserts from Industriya Marikina.  What's special about their desserts?  They are prepared by their very own pastry chef.

First on our list is the festive-looking Cheesecake (P220) which is made with 100% cream cheese, and topped with  mixed berries.  Next is the chocolatey Chocolate Java Cake with an oozing center (P98), and last but definitely not least is the Sansrival (P100).  

I suggest that you just order all three because it's just so difficult choosing a favorite.



Lava Cake




23 M. A. Roxas Street, Calumpang, Marikina City

(02) 632-9225

IG:  @industriyamarikina



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