Hillcrest Wellness Café: A Haven For The Body & Soul

Maritess Canlas
Maritess Canlas | Jun 08, 2015

Hillcrest Wellness Café is just a few steps and a hop or two from where I used to work but it was only recently that I had the chance to check it out.  Why did I end up at Hillcrest?  Well, I'm a person who loves sipping a good cup of coffee while relaxing at a coffee shop.  Just like most of us, I have already tried the popular brands so it was but natural for me to explore what's out there.


Located in the now very famous Teachers Village in Quezon City, it has a steadily growing base of customers.   A mix of students from neighboring universities and yuppies are what they consider as "Regulars".  They have FREE Wi-Fi access so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot more people would find themselves heading to Hillcrest for lunch or even for just a cup of coffee. 


Hillcrest Wellness Cafe isn't your fancy smancy kind of coffee shop.  It also doesn't pretend to be one.  It does however have it's own distinct personality and charm that has been drawing patrons to their café.


Simply called "The Bookshelf", is going to be on your left once you enter the café.  Hillcrest has made books, mostly about faith, free for everyone to read at the café.  If I am not mistaken, they even have CDs and DVDs there.   

We spend so much (maybe a bit too much sometimes) time watching TV or going on the net to surf.  It would be nice if we could sit down and read a book...a real book for once.  


Walk a bit futher, still on your left is what they call the "Wall of Knowledge". Sure it looks messy but then again, you are not really meant to look at it from afar.  You have to go near it and discover the nuggets of wisdom.  Here are two that I was drawn to while I was there.



BTW, aside from the writing on the wall (no pun intended), the walls of Hillcrest are adorned with works of art that are out there for everyone to appreciate and to buy.  Hillcrest holds art exhibits so make sure you check their Facebook page for announcements.



Nowadays, the need to be online is almost as important as eating.  Hmmmm...for others it may be more critical to be on IG and or on FB than say having lunch.  Worry not because Hillcrest not only has electrical outlets installed throughout the café but they also have FREE WI-Fi connection.  Yes folks, they do offer free Wi-Fi connection.  Isn't that sweet?




Ok, now for the best part.  Food and drinks of course!


Hillcrest very recently launched Breakfast All Day menu.  Aside from the new food items, they also came out with their Healthy Fruit Smoothies.



If Pastrami on Rice sounds familiar to you, it's because the original dish is called Pastrami on Rye which actually is a sandwich. This rice meal version of the Hillcrest Wellness Café is amazingly delicious. Don't get me wrong.  I will always love a good Tapsilog but the Patrami on Rice was something wonderfully different.  I love how the dish was plated.  Simple yet it had a touch of sophistication.  I also love the layered effect with the perfectly cooked egg on top.  

The Pastrami was pretty good.  It tasted even better when you have the Pastrami and egg together.  And yes, you got to have some rice. Not just some rice, brown rice to be exact.  BTW, they didn't cook with just some cooking oil.  They used Olive Oil.  What can I say?  I loved it. 



If Pastrami isn't your thing, I suggest you try the Adobo Flakes on Rice.  Restaurants usually have pork adobo flakes which is usually pretty good but if want the healthier version of that, you order Hillcrest's chicken flakes version with brown rice.  The tasty chicken adobo flakes sit on fried egg with its yolk slightly oozing. Yummy! I liked that they didn't choose to have all the flakes on top and allowed some to gently fall at the sides of the brown rice.  Such a lovely dish.  My brother would love this one.

Since I already tried both, I will have to come back and order their Bangus with Fried Egg and Brown Rice or what I believe they call Bangus on Rice.  I can't wait to try that one.

Now for the fruit smoothies.


Hillcrest Wellness Café has recently introduced 5 new Healthy Fruit Smoothies.  I had the Pineapple-Orange with Ginger while my friend had Apple-Banana with Ginger.  Okay, I know what you are thinking.  It's true that ginger has therapeutic qualities but then again, there are times that it can be overpowering in terms of taste.  That was what I thought too until I took my first few sip.  Before I knew it, I was holding an empty cup of drink.  It was that good.  Don't take my word for it, you have got to try it yourself.

I did mention 5 drinks, right?  5 less 2 means you have 3 drinks to discover on your own.  Hillcrest Wellness Cafe is open from 7 am till  1 am the next day.  Oh since it's a coffee shop, you have to make sure to try their signature coffee blends.  If you want to know what I ordered, I had the Mountain Mocha.  Hmmmm now I am craving for coffee.




48 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Phone:(02) 400 3223


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