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Meyn Stay
Meyn Stay | Jul 10, 2015

Crazy looking, crazy tasting and crazy great--those are three things a person might say about Krazylicious Desserts, aside from it's delicious and decadent feel in your mouth.

We discovered Krazylicious Desserts because of its awesome sister company Jumpstart Cafe and Restaurant. We had the most awesome experience trying out our now-favorite Ice Cream Cheesecake.  When we started tasting it, we could really feel the coolness and creaminess of ice cream in our mouth. But the moment our tongues touched the crusty base, that's the time we tased its were thrown back to the its cheesy flavor.



If by chance you're a dessert lover but don't want to experience the "umay" factor, this is a perfect dessert for you. It doesn't make your taste buds wear out from the taste of the cream that drizzled on the side and the nuts on top. This dessert is simply good for it doesn’t try to flatter you with its supper nutty and big waffle sides. It has generous serving whipped with cream and flavorful toppings. 



Besides creating simple, mouthwatering desserts, Krazylicious Desserts also make customized cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding and almost every event you can think of. Even a month-sary. Hey, whatever your trip is, we're sure Krazylicious can make the dessert that's just right for you. Check out this awesome cake they made. 3D cakes! Eiffel Tower? Awesome!

If Krazylicious Desserts looks like a just one-stop shop for one order customized cakes, think again. They do parties in cute boxes, super gorgeous cakes and all that. 

paris cake


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