Roberto’s: Home of the Queen Siopao


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Aug 20, 2015

If you're looking for something to take home from your trip in Iloilo, Roberto's siopao might be the perfect pasalubong for your loved ones. 

Roberto’s Queen Siopao

Well-loved by almost everyone because of its heavy delicious filling, Roberto's siopao is one of the favorite snacks by Ilonggos. Siopao is a popular Filipino-Chinese snack which means hot steamed buns.

Roberto’s first opened on May 25, 1978. The store is located at #61 JM Basa St., Iloilo City.

Already a household name in Iloilo, Ilonggos connect the name “Roberto’s” to the word “siopao.”

At Roberto’s, its siopao has a distinct taste that's incomparable with other ordinary steamed buns. Here are the siopao varieties they offer:

  • Regular – pork adobo with egg
  • Jumbo – Chinese sausage, chicken-pork adobo with egg
  • King – ham, Chinese sausage, chicken-pork adobo with egg
  • Queen – bacon, Chinese sausage, chicken-pork adobo with egg

Roberto's treats its customers like monarchs, that why its bestsellers are named Queen and King. The Queen siopao is only available on selected days, unless you’ll order 30 pieces or more.

The next time you visit Iloilo, make sure to bring home this yummy delight! 

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