Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar: Healthy Eating for All Ages

Christa De La Cruz
Christa De La Cruz | Sep 10, 2015
Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar: Healthy Eating for All Ages

Most people have the misconception that healthy eating means taking in a lot of greens, a lot of bland food, and a repetition of a lot of greens. I for one have the same thoughts that when I got to that age when eating vegetables is not anymore imposed, I happily steered away from what I'd like to call "rabbit food."

A local healthy restaurant aims to debunk this.


"We provide healthy eating for everyone. That's why our menu is very diverse. We have something for the meat-eaters, we have something for the vegetarian, we have something for the vegans. We provide options for people who want to get into a healthy eating lifestyle," said Noelle Hilario, part-owner of Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar, in an interview with Choose Philippines.


Opened in October 2014, Hillside was a product of luck. Noelle and her cousins Alessa Libongco-Lanot and PJ Lanot, owners of Pipino Restaurant, visited the adjacent Cedarhills Garden Center one morning for their ornamental plants needs. They found out that the owners of the place have an extra space which they're looking to turn into a cafe. Being vegetarians themselves and advocates of healthy eating, they pitched the idea of a local organic restaurant and the owners loved it.

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The interiors of the place were from their own ideas.

"We knew what we wanted for the space. We wanted it clean, airy, and [has] lots of natural lights," added Noelle.

The whitewashed brickwalls are accented with a bit of red and lined with a few wooden blocks while the tables are just marbled ones.

"We wanted to steer away from the usual healthy restaurant look na it's just all wood, and it's dark. We wanted it modern."

Piñacolada smoothie (PhP 185)
Kale + pineapple + banana + coconut water + coconut milk


Beancurd chicharon served with spicy vinegar (PhP 155)


Roasted potato and globe eggplant (PhP 195)
Glazed with miso, set on a bed of organic arugula drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette, topped with beancurd chicharon

Their ingredients are from suppliers who source from local organic farms. This entailed the tasks of visiting weekend markets to look for certified organic sources, learning from referrals and recommendations, and asking around. Noelle proudly said that Hillside is 100% all-natural but given the Philippines' limitations when it comes to organic farming, they can't say yet that they're 100% organic. If there's no organic source, then they use the all-natural alternative.

"We always look at the labels, that's very important."

Vegan caesar salad (PhP 195)
Romaine lettuce, red tomatoes, housemade roasted chickpea croutons, vegan parmesan, vegan caesar dressing.


Organic roasted chicken (PhP 365)
With mashed sweet potato, tapenade, soy-honey sauce, and roasted vegetable.

The no-additives and no-preservatives juice bar uses a cold-press juicer and most of the recipes for the smoothies and juices are Noelle's. The health buff also explained that they prefer using the cold-press juicer instead of the regular one, which has blades that heats up the fruit and diminishes the nutrients.

Noelle prepared an off-menu all-Filipino juice for Choose Philippines. This one consisted of malunggay leaves, cucumber, mango, and pineapple.


Almost a year into its operations, the restaurant has opened its doors to 20-somethings, the 40s bracket, the old people, and even families with little kids. Indeed, healthy eating is for everyone and Hillside proves just that.

After all, "we all wear the same sun."

Alessandra gives art workshops on Saturday mornings at the cafe.


Noelle with the staff of Hillside

Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar is located at 57 Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City. It's open daily from 11:30 AM to 9 PM.


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