Vegetarian Chicharon + Tinola Juice + Healthy Inasal: The Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar Experience

Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Sep 14, 2015

If you frequent the Timog or Mother Ignacia Area, you probably already know that a lot of premier, yet at the same time, hidden restaurants dot the entire Quezon Avenue geographic area: from hard-to-find cuisines, to swanky bars, to hearty, homey food. Basically, if you can imagine it, it’s probably here.

So if you were to imagine a juice bar that serves vegan, vegetarian, and even carnivore-friendly food and thought you could find it here along Mother Ignacia Ave., well, you’re right. We found a small restaurant that serves healthy, organic, Filipino-sourced food, and we want to share our unique find to you!

Located at Cedar Hills, along Mother Ignacia Avenue, just a few meters away from Capitol Medical Center, this cafe and juice bar serves healthy, delicious, and affordable food for those of us on a strict vegan or vegetarian diet. But even if you don’t subscribe to any special diet, you can still enjoy their wide selection of savory dishes that range from…

Tofu Chicharon with Spiked Vinegar. Too bad they don't have beer!
Vegetarian Caesar Salad with Egg-free Dressing
Roasted Potato and Globe Eggplant in Balsamic Vinaigrette with Beancurd (Tofu) Chicharon
Organic Roast Chicken with Mashed Kamote. It tastes a lot like inasal to us, but it's much healthier!

Noelle Hilario, co-owner of Hillside, was inspired to craft a healthy dining experience after her own athletic and healthy lifestyle. So the next time you finish your lifting or cardio session at the gym and are craving fast food, remember that Filipino food can be quick, filling, and tastes just as great! 

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Start your life anew with a healthier lifestyle, and the best place to start is at Hillside Cafe and Juice Bar!

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