Uchi No Neko Cafe: A Haven For Rescued Cats

Maritess Canlas
Maritess Canlas | Sep 15, 2015

My brother and I are certified cat lovers.  We actually have several furbabies that we call our own.  Since we have a genuine love for cats we do get excited when we get wind of people or establishments dedicated to rescuing animals.  One very recently caught our attention:  Uchi No Neo Cafe´.



Cha Laxamana, one of the owners of Uchi No Neko Cafe´, has helped rescue hundreds of cats and dogs over the course of 5 years.  Of the ones she rescued, she has adopted 10 cats and 7 dogs.   Cha, being a rescuer, knows pretty well about the sad plight of unwanted animals.  This is why she vowed to continue in making sure that abandoned furbabies (cats) will have a loving human family to take good care of them.  



Uchi No Neko Cafe´, located at 299 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, currently has 30 cats, majority of whom are rescued.  The cats not only stay in their own suite with AC, they also have handlers to take care of them.  All of which have been spayed/neutered, completely vaccinated and dewormed.  I must say, those cats are extremely blessed that they are in the care of people behind Uchi No Neko.



According to Cha, only 15 cats at a time are allowed at the cafe´ area to ensure that cats and humans have the best experience every time.  The cats are given ample time to play and socialize with the other cats as well with humans.  They are free to roam around the 100 sqm main cafe´area but are supervised by their handlers.  The cafe´ has been designed to be one huge cat playground.


Neko (foreground) has "claimed" the half moon native chair as his property but is gracious enough to share the space with other cats and humans.  Neko willingly shares this beautiful piece of furniture with Mozart.



Here is a wider shot of the area where the chair is.  Notice the steps with the gorgeous artwork?  That is yet another favorite spot of the cats.  So-called catwalks have been installed all throughout the cafe´.  Uchi No Neko is truly a cat's wonderland.  


Each one of the 30 cats has a story to tell.  Here are some of them.



This handsome boy is Neko.  His name actually means cat in Japanese.  Neko walked towards me at the main play area.  To my surprise, he laid down on my legs (I was sitting down at the time) and allowed me to pet him.  He does love to be hugged. This is quite amazing as Neko was rescued by the good people of the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (P.A.R.T.) after he was hit on the head by a human.  He was actually taken in with a broken jaw.  Now, there is no trace of him going through the horror of being abused.  



Neko, as with the other cats for adoption at Uchi No Neko Cafe´is an amazing family member.  He is great with kids and adults. A well-behaved super sweet cat.  



Braveheart has this really big scar running across her whole back because someone poured hot liquid on her.  The trauma on her body was so bad that she has now a permanent scar.  Despite the unfortunate event, Braveheart has continued to trust humans, even allowing people like me to play with her.  Aptly named Braveheart, she walks her scar proudly as she walks the catwalks of the cafe´.  Yes, she is a survivor but she also needs a home to call her own.  A family who will love her as is, where is.



Yes, you are right.  Mimi is a Siamese but just like the others, she was abandoned.  She was found filthy and scared in a dingy canal somewhere in the Metro.  It was a relief that someone rescued her and tidied her up.  Mimi is now charming as ever thanks to the people to her rescuer and foster mother Daisy Medel.



Mommy Sierra was rescued together with her kittens. They were found abandoned at the Boni MRT station.  All of her kittens have already been adopted since.  Sierra who sports her brand new SurviBands for Pets is one of the favorites at the cafe´. I am not surprised because she is calm, patient and very huggable. 



Bush, named after the former US president George Bushwas found together with her siblings Cheney and Penguin on their foster mom's (Alice Sarmiento) driveway.  Penguine was later on adopted by Alice's dad.  I had to chance to play with Bush but I just hope that the next time I'm at the cafe´I'd be able to see Cheney

You may drop by Uchi No Neko Cafe´ or email [email protected] to inquire about the cats and about the adoption process.



By the way, the owners of SurviBands gifted each of the Uchi No Neko cats with custom-made paracord collars.  For more information on SurviBands, visit their FB page

 If you want the full cafe´ experience, Uchi No Neko charges P300 for each guest.  Here are the inclusions to the package.

  • You get to choose your bento box, your drink and even your dessert (one mini cupcake).  Here's are a couple sample combinations.


Onigari Bento + Gummy Bears infused drink + a mini cupcake  

 Chicken Karaage + Hibiscus Iced Tea + a mini cupcake  

  • You can socialize with the cats for 2 hours
  • You get to enjoy FREE Wi-Fi access



299 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm






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