49-B Heirloom Kitchen: Cherished Family Recipes Handed Down from Generation to Generation

Maritess Canlas
Maritess Canlas | Sep 22, 2015
Is defined as something that has belonged to a family for generations such as recipes.  
Such is the case for Heirloom Kitchen where young talented chef Erica Aquino whips up her family's most loved dishes like the sinigang na lechon.  According to chef Erica, her family loves food so much that almost everyone is in the food business. His cousin Nard Aquino now takes care of Leonardo's Lechon (since 1947).  Nard was gracious enough to have us try their amazing Leonardo's Carnivore Lechon.  Another set of cousins make and supply delicious sausages that Nard uses to stuff his lechon with.  As chef Erica said, their family simply loves to eat.


49-B Heiroom Kitchen is located at 49-B Scout Tobias corner Fuentebella Street, Barangya Laging Handa, Quezon City.  The restaurant reminds me gorgeous ancestral homes.  The restaurant is cozy and memorable.  I love that the ambience mimics the old world charm of houses of old but still works for modern day set up.  The vibrant colors against the dark background gives the 2nd level dining area a very festive touch.  It's a refreshing look if I may so myself.



According to chef Erica, they decorated 49-B Heirloom Kitchen just as they would their own home.  In fact, they already treat the restaurant as their second home where they treat their guests as they would when entertaining friends and relatives.  She said that they want their guests to feel at home, to enjoy every minute of their stay at the restaurant.



And now for the food.



I have had squash blossoms before but I have never tried something this good. I mean it was seriously yummy! Must-try fried Squash Flower Fritters (P 210) stuffed with a herbed special mix of cheeses and served with marinara sauce.  If you are tired of munching on cheese sticks then you have got to try these.



Not everyone eats lengua or ox tongue.  I really can't blame them because if not prepared right, the ox tongue will most likely give it that infamous taste and texture that make you cringe.  Chef Erica's Beef Lengua (P375) version however, will make you fall in love with the dish that you have long avoided to order.  Let me just say you'd think it's the best roast beef you have ever had if I didn't tell you what it was.  You have got to try it yourself.  



If you are the type that loves rice or rice dishes, then you have try their Heirloom Paella (P355 for small; P580 for family). Aside from the fact that it's loaded with pork, chicken and seafoods, chef Erica's paella was right on the money in terms of taste and presentation.  Do you see how colorful the dish is?  Wait till you get to taste the dish.  That's when you find out that much love was put in preparing the paella.  The perfectly cooked rice soaked up all the juices from the meats and the spices making the dish truly flavorful and delicious.  



I consider sinigang as my ultimate comfort food.  Although I love all types of sinigang, chef Erica's sinigang was different, truly special.  It was my kind of sinigang.  The broth was sour just like a sinigang should be.  It had the vegetables that were meant to be in a proper sour broth.  The broth was thick and flavorful just the way I like it.  The soft "gabi" made the soup even thicker. Lastly, it was an amazing dish because it had the famous Leonardo's Lechon in it.  Yes, lechon skin, meat and bones simmered in tamarind gravy.  I can't wait to taste 49-B Heirloom Kitchen's Sinigang na Lechon (P 420) again.

For desserts, you must try their "bunso's" own cookies recipe that they named after her, Mary Ann's Chocholate Chip Cookies (P125).  



The cookies are moist with ooey gooey centers and are D-licious.  Be sure that you order extra because once you sink your teeth into the cookie...Well I guess you know what I'll say next.  They're great as is or paired with 49-B Heirloom's Kitchen's special Drip Coffee.



Another must-try dessert at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen is a clever take on Crème brûlée that they once tasted at a beach shack in Boracay.  They fell in love with it and developed their own version that they call Hot Ginger Banana Brûlée (P185).  Instead of creme in a conventional Crème brûlée, you have the banana but you have the same caramelized top which you break, just like a Crème brûlée.  For me, the best way to eat this dessert is to break the top, scoop the banana, make sure you get enough ice cream then enjoy!  Find out more about Heirloom Kitchen here!


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