Drop By This Scenic Hacienda in Silay During Your MassKara Trip

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Aris Mape
Aris Mape | Nov 01, 2016

“Punong” means fishpond in the dialect. To its owners, however, Punong is a legacy of giving back to the community. It brings people together to appreciate art and good food and raise funds for transforming the community. Part of the restaurant’s earnings is given to the Takas Youth Community whose vermicomposting project has helped farmers in rallying the movement for organic farming.

This small piece of Hacienda Tinihaban is cleverly landscaped to bring everyone closer to nature. With the restaurant, casitas, and swimming pools spread out in the vast property, one can’t do away from leisurely walks that will make him appreciate the beautiful scenery.

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Past the gates, you will be greeted by a charming scenery of Balinese ambiance. Bamboos and giant old trees give the place an energizing vibe, and doves flying here and there make it more romantic. Everywhere, there are sculptures and wood carvings to lift the mood: a Buddhist monk in prayer, a boy seated on the trunk of a tree, a happy couple in their old age. Tables are adorned with fresh blooms and hammocks hang on trees to invite you for chill-time.

A few steps from the dining grounds is a footbridge leading to the centerpiece of the lake: a kiosk with a pyramid roof, which is reminiscent of Punong’s logo. It’s open on four sides, decorated with large jars, paintings, and sculptures. It has a couch, a hammock, and a bathtub. At sunset, the whole structure makes a captivating silhouette against the glowing red sky. Then, at night, the pond glistens in moonlight and the torches make the place uniquely spellbinding.

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Besides the beautiful landscape, people go to Punong to taste good food. Tapas Night happens on Thursdays and Fridays and is best for friends and families who want to catch up over pica-pica, pasta, sandwich, and a variety of appetizers. There’s also a good selection of drinks, from lemongrass juice and tea, to cocktails and mocktails.

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Visit my blog D'YAN LANG and see more stunning photos of Punong. Also, instructions on how to get to this place, rates, and contact details. 

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