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Choose Philippines | Oct 26, 2016

Choose Philippines honors the Filipino delicacies that serve as a region's sumptuous signature dish. It satisfies your cravings for Pinoy flavors while at the same time offering a totally novel and distinct gustatory experience. And because a region's cuisine is an indicator of its heritage and shared history, you know that no trip would be complete without taking a bite. Check out Choose Philippines Awards and vote now.

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Josie's Panciteria's Pancit Cabagan

For a single serving of Php 70 and an entire "bilao" (circular flat basket) worth Php 500, feast on some Pancit Cabagan topped with soft meat, fresh vegetables, and various ingredients.

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Kandle Cafe's Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta

Newly discovered Cafe at Tomas Morato City serves delicious meals partnered with a soothing cup of coffee.

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Lar's Buko Batchoy

Fresh coconut + sumptuous La Paz Batchoy? What a delightful combination!

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Tomato Kick's Tinapesto

Tomato Kick offers delectable dishes perfect for your night life alcoholic beverages. 

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Photo from Zomato, taken by JJ Sy

Whistlestop's Pasta ala Pobre

Early morning breakfast, quick merienda, or late night pulutan; Whistlestop is available 24/7 to satisfy your tastebuds with mouth watering continental or Filipino favorites. 

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