3 Must-Try Cafes in Siargao: Siarganons as Coffee Lovers


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Nov 09, 2016

Siargao Island, being far away from "civilization', has limited supplies. Access to basic staples can be difficult. But despite the constraints, various cafes can be found in the island.

After an exhilarating surf session either in the morning or late afternoon, sprinkle a little sweetness to that sea salt goodness. These cafes will definitely satisfy your craving for something sweet. Yes caffeine aficionados and sugar fiends, this paradise serves good coffee and  amazing pastries.

Not known to everyone, Siarganons are coffee drinkers. Surfer enthusiast Manuel Melindo usually starts his day with a cup of coffee before he rides the big waves in Cloud 9. 

Cafe Loka

Situated in front of the beach with the view of Cloud 9, Cafe Loka's location is perfect for introspection while sipping a piping hot cup of coffee or fresh fruit juice (Php 80 -160) with your muffin (Php 50).



Pleasure Point Cafe

Pleasure Point Cafe's location is off the beaten track. From the main road of General Luna, one  must walk for minutes to get there. Your effrorts will be rewarded when you taste the healthy meals they serve. I love that Pleasure Point Cafe doesn't look like a cafe at all. It's makeshift kubo and fluffy pillows give off a rustic homey-chill vibe. Order your surfer's meal of pancakes, coffee, yogurt and fruits for only Php 200, something healthy and satisfying. 
Photo from Rina Reinoso
Photo from Rina Reinoso


Lunares Cafe

Surely, you will not be able to miss this cafe while strolling at the main road of General Luna. Either you stay outside, breathe some island fresh air while sipping some ice cold coffee to beat the heat or stay inside the air-conditioned area with a warm cup of caffeine to boost you. I made it to the cafe after lunch and their snacks were all gone. Guests have been going back asking for more. A cup of coffee costs Php 90-100.


Next time you're in the teardrop-shaped island of Siargao, try their best tasting coffee! 

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