Silantro: A Superb Fil-Mex Combo

Rita Marie
Rita Marie | Jul 30, 2013

I recently had the chance of trying out the Fil-Mex cuisine at Silantro in the Kapitolyo area in Pasig. Hearing it from my peers informed me of its existence and it was their prices got me to go. To be honest, I thought that the food would be so-so since most of the establishments that serve Mexican cuisine, or at least their take of it, have prices that are usually 200 pesos and above. Hearing of a place that has dishes priced below 200 pesos definitely warranted it a visit.

Getting to the place is relatively easy, it being along East Capitol drive and all, though it is a good distance away from the intersection of East and West Capitol Drive which seems to be where all the better known food places of the area are concentrated. It is best to keep an eye out for the sign of Silantro when you're looking for it since the place is not so big and may be easily missed.

Things I Got to Try During Our Visit:

  1. Beef Nachos - Great! It's best when eaten right when they serve it so that the cheese will still be warm and in a melted state.

  2. Beef Quesadilla - Fave of the Night! This was a surprise because it is simple yet oh so satisfying with a generous amount of cheese and chicken.

  3. Beef and Lengua Burrito - Comeback king. I would suggest this to friends that are feeling rather hungry when they go.

  4. Lamb and Beef Soft Taco - Tasty, made better by Punyeta Sauce (Spicy Sauce). This one surely appeals to the carnivore in you.

  5. Lamb and Lengua Soft Taco - Good, though I could taste more of the Lengua than Lamb. If you want lamb, then I suggest you simply get a lamb soft taco.

  6. Grilled Mahi-Mahi - Light and not malansa as I thought it would be - get this if you love fish or you're watching what you eat.

  7. Caliente Wings - Not what you'd expect as its flavor transitions, sweet to savory to spicy! Try it, you might just get hooked. It's served with a generous portion of lettuce to subtract guilt from the calories.

  8. Guacamole dip - Refreshing, definitely their own take on it! Do not expect it to be the usual kind heavily laden with avocados.

  9. Fresh Dalandan Juice - Thirst quencher and it's definitely fresh!

  10. Mojito - Better go for the unlimited :D and it's a perfect to drink while catching up with friends or unwind after a long week!

Besides the food, the service staff are attentive although they may seem to get overwhelmed during a busy night. In this scenario, just extend your patience for a bit since they will surely attend to you as soon as possible with our sacrificing the quality of service.

If you happen to be there during a slow hour, take your time. The owners may even be there and sit down and have a chat with you. They value your feedback and input. Contact them in advance if you're going as a big group, seating capacity is limited.

Contact: (02) 654 9657

My last piece of advice as I end this: Just go to Silantro and have a good time!

Location: 75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City, 1603 Pasig

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