Kuya J Restaurant Defies All Exceptions, Wins Best Veggie Dish Award

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Choose Philippines | Dec 09, 2016
Kuya J Restaurant Defies All Exceptions, Wins Best Veggie Dish Award

Choose Philippines Best Dish category honors the Filipino delicacies that serve as a region's sumptuous signature dish. It satisfies your cravings for Pinoy flavors while at the same time offering a totally novel and distinct gustatory experience. And because a region's cuisine is an indicator of its heritage and shared history, you know that no trip would be complete without taking a bite.

For the past few years, Kuya J Restaurant has been slowly building a name for itself in the industry, positioning itself in such a way that it already has an impressive brand recall in spite of it only being a newbie in the industry. However, more impressive than that is the fact that, in spite of their age, they already took home the title of having the best vegetable dish in the Philippines by winning the Choose Philippines Best Vegetable Dish Award for their Lumpiang Presko. 

Kuya J Restaurant's Chef Sheena Koseki

Sheena Koseki, executive chef of Kuya J, explained that it was a great honor for the restaurant, the staff, and the entire company that supports their work: “It’s very big for us, kasi magti-three years old pa lang kami sa industry, but this is really big, so thank you,” she said, upon accepting the award last Thursday, December 1, 2016.

Kuya J Restaurant may be a newbie in the food industry, but make no mistake: this award will only boost their confidence even further, and it won’t be surprising that we see them create more wonderful dishes in the future.

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