Travel Site: 2 PH Restaurants Offer "Most Unique Dining Experiences" In Asia

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Choose Philippines | Feb 21, 2017
Travel Site: 2 PH Restaurants Offer

It’s no surprise that the Philippines is a destination many go to not only for the beaches and mountains, but also for the food that make up its 7,117 islands. To say that Filipino cuisine is unique is an understatement: among the many provinces of the country, there are many variations of a single dish, with each being completely different from the other in terms of taste, texture, and even ingredients. Indeed, our creativity and resourcefulness as a people truly shines when we are given free reign on our food.

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Travel website recently wrote about 15 destinations in Asia where travelers are assured of a truly unique dining experience. This included themed restaurants, cliffside diners, and museum and art galleries that serve a dual function as a food establishment.

Two of our own homegrown restaurants were featured in the list, and both are located in Metro Manila. One is the Ristorante Delle Mitre, a restaurant-museum run by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). It is ecclesiastically-themed and functions as a museum that caters to patrons curious about how the CBCP works. Of course, their dishes were all contributed by their religious patrons, and much of the food are named after religious figures and artifacts, and taste as heavenly as their namesake.


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The other restaurant, tucked in the homey streets of Maginhawa, is Van Gogh Is Bipolar, a food concept owned and operated by artist and diagnosed-biploar Jetro Rafael. The food and atmosphere is as creative and eerie as the mind of Jetro, and have been described several times by its patrons as a literal tour of the inner workings of his bipolar-ridden brain. describes it as “[promoting] creativity, relaxation, and a healthy, free mind.”

Other destinations include a cliffside restaurant in Hubei Province, China, a robot restaurant in Shinjuku, Japan, and an establishment in Hong Kong that serves soup made from snakes.

What’s your unique Filipino dining experience? Share them in the comments below, or write them about it here at!

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