Pyro: The Fierce And Fiery Flavor Of Davaoeño Cooking

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Aug 02, 2017
Pyro: The Fierce And Fiery Flavor Of Davaoeño Cooking

Davao City has become a culinary mecca for travelers and tourists traveling to the south of Mindanao. Its signature food is the sugba or grilled bits and pieces of pork, chicken, beef, and fish in its Roxas Night Market, as well as in its restaurants.

Food establishments offer a taste of Filipino home cooking, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Italian, and many other cuisines.

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Fusion cooking has also opened the taste buds of foodies in the largest city in the country.

One of the main components of cooking is fire or pyro. It makes a lot of food edible and palatable, it brings a new flavor to your usual mix or combination of ingredients, and adds a new look to your raw food.

Pyro is a new restaurant that will add to the ever growing gustatory stops in the city. It will be introducing innovations to the usual dishes.

Take the Deconstructed Tuna Kinilaw for the appetizer. First off, you will be pleasantly surprised by its presentation: tuna is placed on a glass and the spiced coconut milk is served in a different container.  The tuna is on a bed of frozen spicy pinakurat with the usual minced and chopped onions and ginger but with julienned unripe green mangoes. It also has candied dilis or anchovies. You have the option to pour more or less of the milk depending on your taste. 

Fresh Pomelo Salad Spring Roll uses the sweet pomelos Davao is famous for. The combination of the tarty and sweet pomelo and the briny but sweet shrimp leaves a new taste.

Longganisa Scotch Quail Eggs is boiled quail eggs wrapped in Davao longganisa or sausage then breaded. It is then deep-fried. You can then dip it in vinegar sauce with cerveza or beer.  

Fried Pyro Chicken Basket undergoes two ways to be processed before it reaches your table. The chicken is brined overnight then rubbed in a secret spice mix, coated in buttermilk and flour, before deep fried. Even though I am allergic to chicken and other poultry, I just had to taste this because it comes highly recommended. Indeed, it is really good. It was worth taking the antihistamine.

Sticky Hoisin Glazed Ribs really had me finger-licking. The ribs are braised in Asian flavors and grilled adding a smoky flavor to it. You cannot help but pick it with your fingers and bite into its tender meat.  

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Your traditional carbonara and sisig now comes together in Pyro’s Sisig Carbonara.  You have all the goodness of your sour and spicy sisig with egg and parmesan plus garlic bread.

Taprilog is thinly-sliced sirloin beef marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic on top of creamy garlic confit risotto plus sunny side-up egg. Yes, it is not your everyday sinangag rice, but is instead risotto rice.

Refresh your palate with the sweet, sour, and slightly bitter Citrus Moringa Cooler. It is not only cool but also highly nutritious. 

Pyro’s Chef Bianca Dizon is the one behind Davao’s crocodile ice cream.  It is no wonder that she offers three new and avant garde ice cream flavors to Pyro:  Mango Mojito, Criolo Tsoko, and Thai Milk Tea.

They still have a lot of dishes to try and so as Pyro opens its doors to the public; it also opens your taste buds to new and exciting flavors on your palate.

How to get there:

Major airlines have daily flights to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.  Travel time from Manila is an hour and 50 minutes while Cebu only takes 50 minutes.

Pyro is located at Door 5A, Mabini Commercial Complex, Mabini Street, Davao City which is around 20-40 minutes from the airport.
Price Range:  PhP110 for the Longganisa Scotch Quail Eggs to PhP850 for 21-Days Dry Aged Steak 

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