Jed Madela Goes Food Trippin: Cafe Sarree


Jed Madela | Aug 23, 2013

There are always new food places popping up in the “Queen City of the South” and here are three new discoveries i found in my last visit.

Jed Fascade

Me and my cousins decided to have brunch in this quaint cafe in Escario Centrale, called Cafe Sarree.

We started with TORTA which is a pastry that Cebu is known for but Cafe Sarree smothered their torta in butter and cheese and served it warm. Perfect pair to their brewed coffee.


Brewed Coffee

I was craving for EGGS BENEDICT so thats what I ordered. The eggs were properly prepared, the yolks broke when I cut into them, and the smoked salmon hit the spot.

Egg Benedict

My cousins ordered the LAMB ADOBO which was so tender and flavorful, and the SOUTHERN STYLE PORK BELLY was savory.

Lamb adobo


We had the “CHURROS NI LOLA” for dessert. It came with three sauces – deep fried dessert goodness.


Apparently, the BRAZOS DE MERCEDES there was also a must-try but we were too full. Something to look forward to on our next visit!

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