Davao’s Yolks Flower Café and Cupcakery: 2nd Serving

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Aug 10, 2018
Davao’s Yolks Flower Café and Cupcakery: 2nd Serving

Yolks Flower Café and Cupcakery opened in August of 2016.  In just over a year, it has established itself among Davaoeños for good food, happy and flowery ambiance, and a menu that keeps on expanding for your growing appetite.

It has introduced the concept of dining in a flower garden where you can eat the whipped cream piped-flower cupcakes, have your bouquets, posies, and boxes of real flowers arranged, ordered, and delivered, and eat while wearing a flower crown on your head. 

This has made Yolks’ distinct decors a favorite for selfie or groufie.  People can also readily point out your location when you post your photo.

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What started as an all-day breakfast menu now has evolved into a one-stop dining experience from appetizers, main meals, dessert, to after dining coffee.

So what’s new in Yolks’ menu?

1.    Chicken Alfredo and Chicken Buffalo Wings Black Pizza (PhP 320 each)

When the black pizza is laid out on your table, you might say that the dough got burnt.  Actually, the black pizzas’ dough color comes from squid ink and it is just right for all the toppings that go on it.
There’s the basic pizza sauce, cheese, toppings of the chicken alfredo or buffalo wings, red bell pepper, mushrooms, onions and more cheese.    

2.    Pork Binagoongan (PhP 245)

The bagoong that is used for the fork tender pork comes straight from IloIlo and is not too salty even if the flavor has seeped through the pork meat.

It has slices of fried eggplant then topped with a generous helping of fried garlic.

This one really made my mouth water.  

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3.    Spicy Buffalo Wings with Sour cream Dip (PhP 125) 

When you get tired of the usual fried chicken wings, go for the spicy buffalo wings.  
It is not that spicy to zing your tongue but enough to give that kick. 

4.    Salted Egg with Longganisa Pasta (PhP 195)

With the ever growing popularity of the salted egg in the number of dishes and ways it is incorporated into other food, the salted egg gains yet another dish--- the salted egg with longganisa pasta.  

Davao’s longganisa is a little garlicky, sweet, and more meat than fat.  If you fry it and then prepare it for the pasta, you can see more red meat than the white ones.  It blends tastefully with the salty goodness of the salted egg and thus creates a sauce that’s unique for the pasta.

This dish is just like the typical Pinoy breakfast of longganisa at itlog na maalat but not on a bed of rice but of pasta.

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5.    Southern Buttermilk Fried Chicken (PhP 325)

Yolks’ fried chicken was first processed in brine then marinated with buttermilk overnight before deep fried. This is a best seller for the kids but adults cannot get enough of it, too!

6.    Sauteed Shrimps with Crab Fat (Aligue) Sauce (PhP 225)

If you have an allergic reaction to shrimps, better drink your antihistamine if you want to try this.  It is simply decadent.  You not only get the distinct taste of shrimps, you’ll also have all the cholesterol-rich goodness of the crab fat.

7.    Binagoongan Rice (PhP 180)

For fried rice coated with shrimp paste and topped with crispy dilis, it is surprisingly not too salty and would blend well with the pork, chicken or fish viands that you would choose. 

8.    Yogurt Freezes (PhP 165 each) 

When the day gets to be so hot, freezes, smoothies, shakes, and juices give you that refreshing break.  To make it healthier by using yogurt instead of the cream or whole milk adds more zest to your drink.

Yolks has come up with Raspberry, Mango, Triple Berries, Matcha, Blueberry, Banoffee freezes to cool you down.

Highly recommended: the Triple Berries.

You can also have delicious cupcakes and cakes for dessert starting from PhP 70 each for cupcakes to PhP 90-125 for a slice of cake.

Wash it all down with a pot of hot tea or coffee.

With Yolks, you do not have to transfer from one restaurant to another to get you through appetizer to drinks and dessert.

Yolks--- your yummy place in Davao!

How to get there:
Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and cebu.  Travel time from Manila is an hour and 50 minutes while Cebu takes 50 minutes.
Yolks is at Circumferential Road which is 20-30 minutes from the airport.

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