Sulok Café: Your Own Little Corner Of The World In Antipolo


Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Mar 01, 2018

When you think of Antipolo, many things come to mind, such as its refreshing breeze, similar to that of Tagaytay, and even its quaint, quiet atmosphere, which feels more like a province that a part of the city. Nowadays, Antipolo is fast becoming a destination for foodies, too, seeing as how more and more renowned restaurants are beginning to populate the once isolated locale. Sulok Café, located in San Roque in Antipolo, is one of those places.


Ano kaya sinulat nila? ????

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Situated along the main road in Okinari Arcade Building, Sulok Café aims to give you a personal corner, which, in the words of owner Rods Escobar, “you can vandalize and make into your own.” The graffittied walls and interiors speak volumes of this, and the coffee, customizable to whatever your tastes are, encourage this idea further.

Longganisa Pasta and Fish Tacos, Php 195 and Php 170, respectively

The café may be small, but it’s become a place for friends and families to gather, share stories, and essentially be who they truly are in their own little corner of the world.

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S'mores Pancakes, Php 155

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Noong bata ka, malamang isa sa mga favorite na baon sayo ng nanay mo is chicken sandwich. Simple lang gawin eh. Haluin lang natin yung shredded chicken breast sa mayonnaise, lagyan ng konting sibuyas, then ayun na! Sarap, diba? :) Kahit saan actually makukuha mo din yan sa mga cafes and restaurants. Madali lang kasi gawin... and that's where the problem is, kahit saan kasi magagawa, kahit nga sa bahay eh. Kaya naman iniba ko 'to ng konti. Forget the normal one. Dun tayo sa abnormal ng konti. Here's a picture of our Chicken Sandwich. Okay din naman yung gawa nila mommy and daddy na ginisa sa mayonnaise. Pero para maiba ng konti, whole chicken yung ginamit namin. Sanay na kasi tayo sa normal. Ibahin natin, baka matripan mo din. Halika, kumain at mag-kape tayo sa Sulok. *Clubhouse nga pala yung isa na nasa picture. :) #SulokCafe LOCATION: 2nd floor, Okinari Arcade,Circumfrential Road, Antipolo City (in front of Ynares Center and Parktown Food Hub, former Giants, near Pinto Art Museum... or i-Waze mo nalang... basta yung makulay na building na may Cr8 Salon sa baba). *Dishes are made in collaboration with Chef Janine Tolentino

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Minsan talaga meron akong mga artists na customers. Ang cute ng drawing niya ????

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Come visit Sulok Café over at the 2nd Floor, Okinari Arcade Building along L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal.

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