Your Feline Soul Will be Purring at Davao’s Purr Box Cat Café

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 06, 2018
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Dogs are considered man’s best friend.  But for some, it is the cat. Yes, cats with their royal bearing and devil may care attitude and behaving like the owners rather than the pets.  The age old debate on whether it is best to have a cat than a dog did not bother me as I grew up with both the canine and the feline fur babies and so I love both.

In Davao City, when the Pawsome Dog Café opened, I was hoping that a cat café would also open for the feline lovers. Erwin Tan, Arthur “Uloy” Ong, and Keseree Ng heeded the call and opened the first ever cat café--- Purr Box.  

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Starting with just a dozen cats, it has now grown into 23 cats with 9 different breeds from Bengal, Sphinx, Persian, British Short Hair and British Long Hair, Siamese, Ragdoll, and Munchkin and a mix of British Short Hair and a Siamese.

But before you get to be with the cats on the second floor, sample their mushroom pasta, spaghetti Bolognese, sandwich and chips, Davao tablea cake, and watermelon juice or coffee Americano or whatever beverage you would fancy from their menu.

The food is delicious.  No frills but downright good.  And when you cannot contain the excitement any longer, leave your shoes/footwear, wear their socks to protect the felines from any germs that you unknowingly brought with you with your footwear, splash and rub alcohol in your hands, and the fur babies are there, freely eating and roaming or sleeping.

Don’t forget to ask for treats from the assistants to give to the babies for they will surely be literally and figuratively eating from your hands. They may seem aloof but when it comes to treats, they will come down their thrones and give you their attention.

Enjoy feeding them for when the treats are gone, they would slowly find a place for them to take a nap and go back to their “touch me not” air.

Cats choose to love you or they don’t. No grey area.  At least for a while, you were in the presence of these lovable fur babies.

If you are a feline lover and would like to have a cat-themed wedding, you can schedule your pre nuptial photo shoot at the café.  The cats are adorably photogenic.

Or if your father is fond of cats, why not treat him to snacks and feline bonding at the café on Father’s Day?

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Before leaving, buy a toy for your fur baby or their array of nutritious and organic cat food, or buy the earrings for your feline lover friend.

The Purr Box Cat Café, Supplies & Accessories Co. is one Davao café you should visit on your next trip.  Mmmeeeoooowww!

How to get there:
Major airlines have daily flights to Davao from Manila and Cebu.
Purr Box Café is located at J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City and is open from 10:30am- 10pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.  It is 20 minutes away from the Bangoy International Airport. 

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