Eating Out at Night in Davao? Beko’s Garden Grill Is The Place To Be!

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 19, 2018
Eating Out at Night in Davao?  Beko’s Garden Grill Is The Place To Be!
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Tucked in a subdivision in the middle of the urban jungle in Davao City is a grill place that opens when the day ends.

Beko’s Garden Grill is one of the offshoots of Beko’s Biik, Beko’s Lechon Belly, and the Beko’s Deli which has been providing Davaoeños with quality good food for years.

So you are assured that what the garden grill offers are delicious, tried and tested grilled goodies from a trusted food establishment and so you rush to Palm Village in Obrero to eat.

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You are welcomed by a lush wall of plants and as you go inside, lights strung from one end to another lead you to rustic tables.  Delicious smells from the griller whet your appetite and so you eagerly order.

What to order?

1.    Sinuglaw

Sinuglaw or plain kinilaw is the Davaoeños favorite appetizer that goes so well with all the fresh grilled meat that is available in the city from fish, pork,beef, and chicken.  Fresh tuna in all its sea goodness and taste, slivers of cucumber and radish, chopped ginger and red onions topped with salted egg and cooked in kalamansi and vinegar make for a very tasty appetizer.

2.    Lechon Belly roll

One of the firsts to introduce lechon belly roll in the city, Beko’s has maintained and satisfied the Davaoeños’ demand for crunchy, tasty, and meaty lechon roll.  Some have even made it a pasalubong for friends and relatives outside of Davao City.

3.    Sausage Platter

You get a varied tray of grilled sausages from the spicy to the garlicky adding a variety of tastes to the usual smoked and grilled tastes.

4.    Beko’s Chorizo

Even with the grilled sausages, I ordered this because I am a chorizo addict.  This came as a surprise when its shape was not a roll but rectangular and flattened.  It was garlicky and juicy and grilled just right.  Dip it in the spicy house blend vinegar and the chorizo is just so mouth-watering.  

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5.    Grilled Squid

Davao is also a seafood haven and you are guaranteed that its seafood is freshly caught from the sea surrounding the city.  And so you get fresh squid that is filled with spices and grilled just right for the squid’s meat to be tender and not rubbery.

6.    Mongolian Ribs

Meat so tender it falls off the bone and marinated just right.  This one is undoubtedly a bestseller as it should be because it is tasty and absorbs the smoky and sweet of the grilling process.  


7.    Chicken Inasal

Negros may be the one that popularized the inasal but with the inasal sauce that Beko’s has formulated for the chicken barbecue, it can easily give the Bacolod inasal a run for its money.  The white chicken meat was marinated and brushed with the secret sauce while grilling and so the sweet aroma entices you to order.  Good thing that its taste perfectly lives up to its aroma.

8.    Ensaladang Talong

With all the meat goodness, it was but fitting to have a dash of vegetable to go with it.  Although the eggplant was still grilled, peeling it, mashing it, and adding tomatoes, ginger, salted egg, and dilis (anchovies) make it delightfully tasteful and perfect to complement all the meat.

There are still lots of items on the menu that you should try but these are my recommendations and yes, Davao has a tasty nightlife.  So go try Beko’s Garden Grill when you go dining when the sun goes down in Davao.


How to get there:

Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.
Located at 2nd Opal Street, Palm Village, Obrero, Davao City.  It is 20-30 minutes away from the airport on a good day. 

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