Where There’s Delicious Aroma, There’s Smoking Joint


Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Dec 20, 2018
Where There’s Delicious Aroma, There’s Smoking Joint
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Siargao’s Cloud 9 is one of the world’s best spot for surfing.  Surfers from all over the globe have been flocking to Siargao for the waves.  But did you know that with the ever increasing tourist arrivals come more culinary delights to choose from?

Take the Smoking Joint.  Chef Dino Dizon has been rubbing and smoking meat in salt, herbs and spices in Makati for a time now and he has brought the smoking train to Siargao at the Chill Out Resort.

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With the fresh sea breeze and the delicious smells coming off from the smoker, your tummy cannot help but growl and your mouth water.

Order the Ribs!  Meat off the bone, smoky sauce, tender and juicy meat that has been smoked for at least 8 hours, are just some of the best adjectives for it.  Don’t bother with the fork, take it by the hand and yes… it is finger licking good.

Pulled Pork on top of slices of bread.  If there is one thing that the Smoking Joint is consistent in, it is the delicious tender and juicy meat.  This time, it is flaked but not overly so, marinated and coated in their special sauce, and smoked for hours which makes the meat soak in all the flavor.

Barbecue Platter: Bacon, Tenga (Ears), and Pork Isaw (Big intestines).  Streetfood made more palatable and tasty.  The bacon was crisp but still juicy, the tenga crunchy yet tender, and the big surprise for me was the isaw.  It was new for my taste buds as the only isaw I know is the chicken intestines.  I kept on asking what it was because it had a peculiar taste that does not border on salty or bitter. 

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Nibble on the salt and pepper, not soggy but firm flesh of the potato fries while getting bites of the grilled meats.  The fries are not oily and so you can just pick and nibble.  No need for a dip because it already is tasty on its own but they do have a dip.

If you want beef to get a break from all the pork meat, order the beef brisket.  Just the right thickness of meat that is fork tender and with juice oozing out.  You can have sidings of salad that is sweet and sour or buttery.

Mac and Cheese.  This is one recipe that has been with Chef Dino since he was still in culinary school and so it has passed through a lot of innovations and gives you that home cooking feel.  Al dente macaroni generously served with cheese and so each bite has gooey cheese.  It is so good that I can have every time.

Rice with chicharon toppings. With all the meat, you would want to have rice if you’re Filipino.  The chicharon toppings add a new taste to the otherwise bland rice.  Its taste blend so well with the smokey tastes of all the meats and so you dig in.

Chef Dino Dizon and the writer. Full belly up!

So when you are in Siargao, head to where your nose would lead you---Flavorful, robust, and full meats brought to you by the smoking train that is customized for the Smoking Joint.

How to get there:

Major airlines have direct flights from Manila, Cebu and Davao.  The Smoking Joint is at the Chill Out Resort, Cloud 9 Road, Siargao.

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