Hearty Dining Options? Try Heirloom Recipes From This Naga City Gem!


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Choose Philippines | Sep 19, 2019

Article and photos by Rizza A. Mostar

Surrounded by greenery, Casa Soriano is a local hit for family night outs, especially on weekends. Children enjoy the hanging bridge that connects the dining area and other tables. Roderick Imperio and his wife, Mishu love the feel of exclusivity of Casa Soriano. "I always come back not just for food, but the place itself," he relates.

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It has been four years since the Soriano family built their restaurant in Barangay Concepcion Grande, Naga City. The location was quite a distance from the heart of the city but the risk turned out to be a  huge success. Today, Casa Soriano is making its name as one of the favorite destinations of celebrities and tourists in the area.

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Owner Abegail Soriano shares that members of the family, from their Lola to their Auntie, have handed down their recipes, making their restaurant one that offers family heirloom cuisine. Their menu gives diners a wide selection of dishes from poultry, beef, to lamb. They also have pasta and seafood. Among their best sellers is Auntie's Chicken, a delectable dish of roasted chicken coated with spices and herbs and stuffed with savory couscous. The original recipe originated from Abegails's aunt, thus the dish's moniker.

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Other traditional recipes offered are Kare-Kare and Lechon, which Abegail shares are made meticulously to make sure their patrons would come back for more. "There are no shortcuts in our traditional way of cooking," she reveals, "It is non-negotiable." 

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