Dahilayan Forest Park’s Family-Friendly Adventure Rides

Dahilayan Forest Park: A Place for the Most Thrilling Adventures

Ida Damo | March 21, 2016

Dahilayan Forest Park: A Place for the Most Thrilling Adventures

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | March 21, 2016

Bukidnon’s cool mountain breeze and pine-tree forest is the perfect backdrop for a family weekend getaway, especially in Dahilayan Forest Park. Children and adults can enjoy the playground, ride on ATVs and luge, cross a hanging bridge, go daring on a zorbit, and have the yummiest burger at the Forest Café.

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After the zipline and dropzone extreme rides at the Dahilayan Adventure Park, I was trying so hard to slow down my heart beat because of the intense ride, but tell you, it's an experience to remember. 

The first challenge I dared to try was to cross the hanging bridge while it's raining.  Each step was carefully treaded so as not to slip.  Upon reaching the other end, I jumped trying to give a scare to others who quickly held to the railings.  My adrenaline rush was still high, obviously.

In the luge cart holding area, a briefing on guidelines, demonstration, helmets, and a warning not to race will be given. 

So you get on the luge cart, test the handlebars; you push forward if you want to move, and pull back when you want to break.  Just do not pull back far or you will completely stop in the middle of the track.  Remember, this is a free-wheeling gravity cart ride so be easy on pulling back.

When you get the hang of the ride, you would want to go back for a faster descent down the hill and ask for more than just the two rounds.

But we still had the zorbit to try, so off we went back to the hanging bridge and on to the zorbit.

This is a giant inflated ball where two people are strapped securely inside.  The ball is made to roll down a hill and its going to be one whirling ride for those inside.

All the action-packed activities would surely make you hungry and so try the delicious cheeseburger at the Forest Café.  You can have coffee or the delicious hot cocoa to go with the burger and to stave off the cold.

You are surrounded by beautiful views that would help you unwind and relax.  So if you are planning on having a weekend of bonding with your family or with your friends, head off to Dahilayan Forest Park.

How to get there:
Email Dahilayan Forest Park at [email protected] or check out their page facebook.com/dahilayanforestpark or www.dahilayanforestpark.com for bookings and reservations.
They will inform you on van transfers to and from the park. Bukidnon can be reached through Cagayan de Oro City by plane from Manila, Cebu and Davao.
Take the LAX Shuttle from Laguindingan Airport to Ayala Centrio. 

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