Channel Your Inner Superhero On Your Northern Mindanao Adventure!

Channel Your Inner Superhero On Your Northern Mindanao Adventure!

Choose Philippines | March 01, 2018

Channel Your Inner Superhero On Your Northern Mindanao Adventure!

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | March 01, 2018

All you have to do is pack your bag and head on to Northern Mindanao; this spectacular island got awesome adventures that will unleash the superpowers within you! Now, get ready to fight—er get ready for your flight—we’ve rounded up some of the best tourist attractions in Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro, and Lanao del Norte.  Buckle up!

Achieve the power to fly at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon

If flying is part of your #AdventureGoals bucket list, you’re in for a treat at Dahilayan Adventure Park. Known as Mindanao’s favorite extreme playground, this place has all the activities you need to tap into your inner superman and fly. One of its newest attraction is the Skytower Base Jump which is considered as the country’s highest parajump that uses a cell site tower. The park also houses Asia’s 1st longest Dual Zipline, which is a must-try if you’re up (literally and figuratively) to enjoy some mesmerizing rainforest canopy. You can also choose their Phyton Roller Zipride if you’re willing to experience a rollercoaster kind of zip line ride. And if you want to freefall into a manmade lake, go for their Dropzone 120 ft. Freefall Ride. Other less terrifying—yet equally satisfying—attractions at Dahilayan are the Flying Lizard Canopy Glider and its Ropes Course. 

Release your super strength at Mapawa Nature Park, Cagayan de Oro

Want to test your super strength and endurance? This place is exactly where you need to be. Feel the adrenaline rush at Mapawa Nature Park as you slide down its 20-feet high waterfall. Want to push for more? Climb up to 25-feet high and do a heart-pounding cliff jump or keep going until you reach 65-feet high and rappel down the waterfall. Not ready for anything extreme yet? Just relax and enjoy the stunning beauty of this eco-tourism place.


Get the ability to freeze the moment at Tinago Falls, Lanao del Norte

Iligan City is known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls in Lanao del Norte—and Tinago Falls is just one of the many captivating water forms you need to see here. Legend has it that it’s named after ‘Tin-ag’, a princess who was kept hidden from everyone because of her unattractive features. One day, the enchantress who cursed her saw her despair and transformed her into something beautiful—a waterfall. 

You need to take approximately 500 descending steps before reaching the falls. But don’t worry, its picturesque scenery is worth the effort. Embrace every moment you have in this hidden paradise—and freeze all the precious memories you have at Tinaguan Falls by using OPPO F5. Its promising camera will let you capture the real beauty of the place—and immortalize each wonderful moment through photos. 

See, being a superhero isn’t that impossible. Just enjoy these super fun experiences in Northern Mindanao to bring out all things ‘super’ about you! And if you’re looking for more adventures, watch out for our Lakwatsero Vlogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 PM on ABS-CBN News’ official Facebook account. Just don’t forget to bring your OPPO F5 to capture all the real awesome moments on your chosen adventure!

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