5 Provinces, 5 Cities, More Than A Thousand Kilometers in 24 Hours!

5 Provinces, 5 Cities, More Than A Thousand Kilometers in 24 Hours!

Ida Damo | July 17, 2018

5 Provinces, 5 Cities, More Than A Thousand Kilometers in 24 Hours!

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | July 17, 2018

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On its 13th year, BOSS (BMW Owners Society of Saferiders) Ironman Challenge finally sets foot in Mindanao with the first ever ride in the island and helps in promoting the Go South campaign of the Department of Tourism.

Remember the guys (On Any Sunday Riders) who have been moto-touring the Philippines for the past 30 years?  BOSS partnered with them to make the Mindanao leg of the BOSS Ironman possible.

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The marching order was to ride safe and enjoy the beauty of Mindanao on the provinces and cities that you will be passing through in 24 hours.  Some of the sights may be in darkness and others in broad daylight.

The goal is to finish the ride within 16 hours of the 24 hours alloted.  To be considered a finisher, you must complete the route in 16 hours and beyond but not exceeding 24 hours.  

More than 600 riders from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao took on the challenge.

The challenge would not only test the riders but would benefit people in Luzon and Marawi as the groups do their outreach programs.

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The route: Starting point is Davao City SM Lanang Premier Fountain Court- then on to the first checkpoint in Agusan del Sur Provincial Capitol in Prosperidad (205 kms.).  2nd checkpoint in Butuan City (79 kms.) 3rd Checkpoint-Petron Subongcogon, Misamis Cagayan de Oro (124 kms)- 4th Checkpoint Valencia, Bukidnon (171 kms)- 5th Checkpoint South Cotabato Provincial Capitol in Koronadal (223 kms)- 6th Checkpoint General Santos City Hall (61 kms.) before ending in Davao City (148 kms.)

What were the challenges that the riders went through given that the ride is a test of driving skills and endurance?  

General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa and his Team Bato who was one of the participants said it’s exciting but very tiring. Others found the Mindanao sights beautiful and would do the same route again.  

Some just had to find a spot to catch shut-eye and troubleshooting on bikes were done on the spot even in darkness.

On the BOSS Ironman Facebook page, participants were asked to comment on which checkpoint did they like most and why.

Agusan del Sur being the first checkpoint did not disappoint with their all-out assistance and provision of food.

Another commented that the Mis Or checkpoint was beautiful because they passed it at the break of dawn.

Valencia, Bukidnon’s tribal presentation was a sight to behold for the first-timers.

Others liked Koronadal most because they were given TBoli beads necklace, there were wide choices of food, and the rider’s helmet visors were wiped plus they were given free wet wipes.

The GenSan checkpoint was full of fresh tuna and a band to welcome them. 

So you see, it was not just finishing the ride but enjoying the sights and the warm hospitality of the Mindanaoans at each checkpoint.  Moto-tourism is indeed a great way to see and appreciate the Philippines.

Big Thanks to BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge Mindanao Leg organizers: BOSS and On Any Sunday Riders (OASR); John Jagonia and Doc Dennis Tan for the photos, BOSS Ironman FB Page for the additional photos; Jimmy Gomez and Martin Heje.

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