La Mesa Eco Park Has More Activities For Adventure-lovers

La Mesa Eco Park Has More Activities For Adventure-lovers

Chris Clemente | September 18, 2018

La Mesa Eco Park Has More Activities For Adventure-lovers

Chris Clemente
Chris Clemente | September 18, 2018

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It’s always good for business to have new things to offer your patrons, but it’s even better when what you offer are ways for them to interact more with nature and help preserve it. La Mesa Watershed has great offerings for nature-lovers and is definitely a place worth exploring for all kinds of reasons—whether you’re looking for an outdoor sport/activity or you just want a peaceful place a little away from the busy city.

Here are some activities you can experience while inside the La Mesa Eco Park compound:


  1. Biking, trekking, bird-watching



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If you’re looking for a new outdoor activity with your family or friends, you can come in as a group and try these nature-filled activities for a donation of only P1,000 for a group of 5 (that comes out about P200 per person). For bigger groups like 10 people or more, you’ll need additional guides.

  1. Protect a Hectare Project


If you’re yearning to do something more philanthropic in nature (pun intended), you might want to partake in their campaign to protect a hectare for P24,000. This enriches the land with 400 additional trees and you can join in on the fun tree-planting in the hectare you protected. A BIR and Bantay Kalikasan Certificate of Donation will be given to the kind benefactors.


  1. Eco Academy: Nursery Development and Management



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For those of us who don’t have the green thumb naturally, the park has a class to teach us how to properly care for our plants with the guidance of expert foresters and advocates.


  1. Photoshoots and Video shoots



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The park opens its gates to those who also want to use the lush background for their projects—be it film, photo shoots, or video shoots. Just a donation is needed to be able to shoot freely for your prenup, wedding, and other photo sessions.


  1. Race and other appropriate events
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Photo by La Mesa Watershed


If you’re looking for a venue to host sports races and other similar activities, you might want to consider this place for a donation of P50,000. There are vast spaces and trails for your participants to enjoy and challenge themselves.

Cover Images by  La Mesa Watershed and @Jasreylee07 on IG


How to get there:

La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Lagro, Quezon City, Philippines

Randy Castro – 0937-2277451

Telephone – 02-4305207 / 02-4304051

FB page:



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