20 Light Years of Meaningful Filipino Conversations

20 Light Years of Meaningful Filipino Conversations

Kier Neil Francisco | December 05, 2019

20 Light Years of Meaningful Filipino Conversations

Kier Neil Francisco
Kier Neil Francisco | December 05, 2019

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The rise of technology in today’s society helped us through a lot of things. It made our lives much easier, our work uncomplicated, and socializing effortless. As much as we hate to admit it, there is never a time where we don’t check our gadgets. They are constantly with us and we’re perpetually glued to them. Still, we try to go out with family or friends and enjoy the moment until we receive the next notification from our phones. If you’ve heard of the saying “physically present but mentally absent,” then you probably know what I’m talking about.

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When was the last time you went out and not checked your phone? Or went on an adventure or event and not recorded the moment to post as a Story or My Day? Or even made a friend by conversing in person? Where did the good old times go when we could actually say we’ve actually laughed out loud instead of sending a representative emoticon to claim we did? Don’t you think you’ve missed a lot of moments while you hang your head low and stare blankly at your phones?

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For Filipinos, one could say that the only time we don’t check our phones is while we’re drinking. That’s how strong the influence of the words “inom tayo,” (let’s drink) is. While Filipinos are the heaviest drinkers of alcoholic beverages in Southeast Asia, according to a study by the Department of Health (DOH) in 2009, we don’t drink for the sake of getting drunk. One of the best reasons why most of us drink is because we want to slow down or de-stress or chill. It’s one of those times where we actually get to ask someone “how’s your day going?” or exchange opinions on serious topics or simply joke around and laugh and just be in the moment. These are the moments that warm the heart and keep us coming back for more.

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In celebration of its 20th anniversary in the Philippine market, San Mig Light honored the depth and breadth of human expressions, dialogues that inspire Filipinos to launch themselves into substantial topics, stirring life into progressive thought through its social creative campaign, 20 Light Years.  

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Partnering with the local retail brand PURVEYR, they’ve produced a collection of 20 retail products and collaborated with 20 Filipino artists which designs are inspired by four social topics that deserve to be acknowledged now in our society: gender equality, arts and creativity, community development, and mental health. With this campaign, San Mig Light and PURVEYR’s goal is to inspire Filipinos to engage in important social conversations and more.

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The collection is available in PURVEYR Post Poblacion, online through PURVEYR.com, and in all the “20 Light Years: Usapan” panel talks that San Mig Light and PURVEYR will be hosting until the end of January 2020:

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