Here's How Mobile Technology Empowers Filipino Filmmakers!

Here's How Mobile Technology Empowers Filipino Filmmakers!

Kier Neil Francisco | March 20, 2020

Here's How Mobile Technology Empowers Filipino Filmmakers!

Kier Neil Francisco
Kier Neil Francisco | March 20, 2020

Great news to all aspiring filmmakers, videographers, and content creators as Huawei held the Huawei Film Awards, a grand contest where you can showcase your creativity, talent, and passion for making films. 

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We all know how Huawei became one of the forefronts when it comes to smartphones. Being a global tech brand known for its innovative approach, Huawei continues to develop ways for its consumer to unleash their creative potential. Partnering with Filipino filmmakers and directors Pepe Diokno, Sid Maderazo, and Lyka Gonzalez, Huawei showed us we can create amazing, powerful, imaginative, and thought-provoking films through their smartphones especially, their Mate 30 Series.

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This year's theme is #EmpoweringYourDream and Huawei did that. With the Mate 30 series smartphones, Huawei allows you to create and put your cinematic visions to life. Just as Diokno, Maderazo, and Gonzalez demonstrated on the videos they showcased that night, you can experience the greatness of Huawei’s smartphones on the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to your expensive, heavy, and bulky equipment because Huawei’s Mate 30 series smartphones are equally as good as a professional camera, you wouldn’t even notice the difference!

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The night was not only focused on Huawei’s smartphones but also how awesome our Filipino filmmakers are. The trio shared their experiences and tips on how to shoot films through smartphones. “Just go out there and shoot,” renowned director Pepe Diokno said on how to become a better filmmaker, “There’s no reason not to shoot,” popular TVC director Sid Maderazo added and for Lyka Gonzalez, she finished the conference with direct advice to all aspiring filmmakers, "Shoot with a purpose," she said. The directors also expressed their admiration with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro’s 40MP Cine Camera as it was able to film low light scenes and can also capture slow motion, “The result was just amazing!”, Diokno said, smiling.

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Joining the panel that night was Anna Oposa, Save Philippine Seas’ Executive Director. She expressed how teaming up with Huawei has not only given their organization a chance to be recognized more but also the various projects under them. This way they can share their advocacy even more.

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The HUAWEI Mate 30 Series is built with unmatched features that deliver an incredibly smooth and engaging user experience. It is equipped with the HUAWEI Kirin 990, supported by long-lasting battery life, seamless SuperCharge, EMUI 10, and the biggest camera upgrade, boasting the world’s first 40MP dual main camera. This powerhouse series was developed with photography and videography capabilities that are unrivaled to this day. The Huawei Film Awards is a testament to how users across the world continue to stay true to #RethinkPossibilities.

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The Asia Pacific Regional Huawei Film Awards is set to happen this coming March in Thailand where several awards including APAC Best Director (Male or Female), APAC Best Actor (Male or Female), APAC Best Cinematography, and Best Film in the Country Level will be announced. Brilliant and accomplished filmmakers of this generation namely Pepe Diokno, Carlo Manatad, Martika Escobar, and JP Habac, are on the run to bagging these awards with their films entitled Things, Tisay, Living Things, So Long So Long To Everyone.

Passionate for short films and meaningful stories? Entries for the Asia Pacific Regional Huawei Film Awards will be accepted until February 25, 2020! To learn more about the HFA, you may visit this link.

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