6 Filipino Stage Plays Streaming on iWant Beginning on Independence Day!

6 Filipino Stage Plays Streaming on iWant Beginning on Independence Day!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | June 09, 2020

6 Filipino Stage Plays Streaming on iWant Beginning on Independence Day!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay
Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | June 09, 2020

Tanghalang Pilipino is the resident drama company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines that has successfully presented 114 productions within 15 seasons while generating one of the best attendance records among the CCP’s resident companies. According to TP’s Artistic Director, Nanding Jose, their mission is to use theatre for education and to develop Filipinos’ sense of nationalism. Due to the COVID pandemic, Tanghalang Pilipino recently launched #PansamantalangTanghalan wherein they started producing online content, including workshops, masterclasses, round table discussions, and event snippets from some of their stage plays.

Here are the 6 original Filipino stage plays featuring original Filipino production of stories based from Philippine history and literature with the exception of some adaptions:

Mabining Mandirigma, A Steampunk Musical

Mabining Mandirigma narrates the story of Apolinario Mabini from the time he was appointed as Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s chief adviser and the major threats they had to face with the new government not only from the American colonizers but from the ilustrado members of the congress, to his resignation where he unmasked America’s imperialist intentions and rallied the Filipinos behind Aguinaldo’s government, to his capture and his exile in Guam, and eventually his death. Monique Wilson plays the role of Apolinario Mabini. Other cast members include Arman Ferrer, Paw Castillo, Phi Palmos, Mia Bolaños, Jonathan Tadioan, JV Ibesate, Lian Silverio, Meynard Peñalosa, Anthony Peralta.

Lam-ang, An Ethno-Epic Musical

Lam-ang is an ethno-epic musical that reimagines and reinterprets Biag ni Lam-ang, the oldest among the folk epics of Luzon. It chronicles the conquests of Lam-ang from the land of Nalbuan while envisioning local traditions that are being lost, ancient customs and folklore that are being forgotten, and vestiges of our affluent past that are in danger of disappearing forever. JC Santos plays Lam-Ang while Anna Luna plays Kannoyan. Other cast members include Tex Ordonez, Ybes Bagadiong, Lance Reblando, Jonathan Tadioan, Alvin Magahanoy, Hazel Maranan, Remus Villanueva, Raflesia Bravo, Joshua Cabiladas, Paw Castillo, Karenina Ng.

Sandosenang Sapatos

Sandosenang Sapatos tells the story of wheelchair-bound Susie, who is determined to fulfill his shoemaker father's wish to have a ballerina for a daughter. Every year, Susie, on her own birthday, travels to a place called Dreamland where the Diwata (Shoe Fairy) gives her a pair of shoes, which enables her to walk and dance. Hoping to have the same result, she begs the shoes in her dreams to let her see the Diwata because her father is in critical condition and may not live long. Susie fails; her father dies. On the eve of her 12th birthday, the Diwata reveals to Susie the true source of all the shoes--her father. Trixie Esteban plays the role of Susie.

Pangarap sa Isang Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-Araw

An adaptation of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pangarap sa Isang Gabi ng Gitnang Tag-Araw is a comic play that centers on the love interplaying around four young Athenians: Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius, and Helena. Lysander and Demetrius, formerly battling for the love of Hermia, suddenly fall in love with the unrequited lover of Demetrius, who is Helena. Chaos is caused by the love potion given by Puck, the jester of the fairy king Oberon, who confuses the lovers from determining who their beloved is. Cast includes Audie Gemora, Jackie Lou Blanco/Skyzx Labastilla, Teroy Guzman/Randy Medel Villarama, Liesl Batucan, Richard Cunanan, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Tope Kliatchko/Paulo Carlo, Jonathan Tadioan, Marco Viaña, Antonette Go, Aldo Glenn Vencilao, Lhorvie Ann Melendres Nuevo, JV Ibesate, Doray Dayao, Ybes Bagadiong, Joshua Martin Tayco, Manok Nellas, Eunice Gabrielle Pacia, Blanche Buhia.


The rarely-staged Shakespearean play tells the story of a legendary Roman soldier who turned into a tyrant, which led to his downfall. Translated into Filipino by Guelan Luarca and directed by Carlos Siguon-Reyna. Marco Viaña plays Coriolano. Other cast members include Sherry Lara, Frances Makil-Ignacio, Brian Matthew Sy, Kych Minemoto, Jonathan Tadioan, Doray Dayao, JV Ibesate.


Retelling  Shakespeare’s best and famous comedy, Der Kaufmann (The Merchant of Venice), tells the story of an enigmatic female lead, Portia, who outwits a bitter and shrewd moneylender, Shylock. A play within a play, Der Kaufmann, relives the horror of the holocaust, with the Nazis directing the Jewish “actors”, underscoring the dehumanizing effect of racism and intolerance. Jonathan Tadioan plays Shylock, Regina De Vera plays Portia while Tuxqs Rutaquio plays Antonio. Other cast members include Marco Viaña, Lou Veloso, Nicolo Ricardo Magno, Doray Dayao, Bunny Cadag, JV Ibesate, Aldo Vencilao, Antonette Go, Lhorvie Nuevo, Racquel Pareño, Trixie Esteban, Tracy Quila.

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The plays will be available for a month from June 12 – July 12, 2020,  serving also as a donation drive for the benefit of artists and workers of Tanghalang Pilipino who have no source of income during this pandemic. In order to watch these offerings, simply download the iWant app and register for free.  

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