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iWant Original Series “Beauty Queens” Shines Spotlight on Mothers' Love

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | July 20, 2020

iWant Original Series “Beauty Queens” Shines Spotlight on Mothers' Love

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay
Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | July 20, 2020

iWant original series “Beauty Queens” is a family story that tackles the extent and boundaries of a mother’s role in molding the character of children. Though wrapped in the glamour of pageantry, it exposes the challenging and oftentimes ugly complexities of the parent-children relationship. Moreover, it goes into a discussion of how our unresolved pains inadvertently affect the people closest to our hearts.

Our mothers are our role models. We look up to them and aspire to be like them when we grow up. However, their real legacy isn’t determined on whether their children will follow in their footsteps but in being able to impart the right values, wisdom, and lessons that their children may use in order to carve their own path as individuals. This is a tension that is explored by the series through the characters found in the stories.

All her life, Dahlia (Gloria Diaz)’s dream was for her children to uphold their family’s legacy of becoming pageant titleholders. Her mother, Tarsila (Maris Racal), was Manila’s last Carnival Queen back in 1939. She, herself, was crowned Miss Universe 1969 when she was younger. Her dreams finally came true when her children won their respective titles.

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Unfortunately, Dahlia’s relationship with them grew murky as the years go by. Until one day, she hosts a birthday party for her late mother’s centennial birthday as a way to bring her children together. What was meant to be a reunion turned into a night of revelation as secrets were unearthed and confrontations ensued. Blinded by her obsession with passing on the beauty queen legacy, Dahlia failed to realize that it wasn’t what her children wanted for themselves. This led to a strain in their relationship. While her children may have disliked how their mother forced them to join the pageants, it was just her way of showing her children how she loves them.  Ultimately, the experience was instrumental in shaping them as women.

“Beauty Queens” is now streaming on iWant. Starring Maris Racal, Maxine Medina, Winwyn Marquez, Ross Pesigan and Ms. Gloria Diaz, Directed by Joel Lamangan.

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