Online Summer Finds You'll Need to Beat the Heat!

Online Summer Finds You'll Need to Beat the Heat!

Gari Sy Rivera | May 20, 2020

Online Summer Finds You'll Need to Beat the Heat!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | May 20, 2020

As hot as it is in the Philippines, it gets even hotter at summertime- especially when you’re spending it at home. Luckily, there are some finds at Lazada that can help us beat the heat! Check some of these out below.

What would a Filipino home be in the first place without an electric fan? Getting a new one though is what some of us may need, one with a new set of power and speed to keep us cool. 

[On Lazada: Hanabishi WINDMILL 18 SF 18 Stand Fan]

As many fans that we may already have, these little mini portable versions can provide that extra wind action we can’t get enough of. And really, they’re too cute to resist! Check them out!

[On Lazada: HOME LIVE Personal Handheld Charging Portable Handheld Mini Cooling Fan with Mounting Base]

For those who resort to air-conditioning, air coolers are what you’ll probably like. Have this and it could be like bringing aircon to wherever you go within the house.

[On Lazada: Iwata AIRCOOL-Z11 Evaporative Air Cooler]

Sometimes, the sunlight hitting through our windows adds up to the heat we try to escape from. A perfect way to block the heat from coming in could be the use of thick, easy to roll down blinds.

[On Lazada: Zebra Roller Blinds Pleated]

If curtains and blinds aren’t enough, this sunshade mesh canopy that could serve as both an outdoor cover for your windows, or a tent-like roof if it’s cooler outside.

[On Lazada: Sun Shade Mesh Canopy Awning Privacy Screen Window Cover]

Nothing beats the heat like an ice-cold treat! A home ice shaver could be just what you need to make your favorite mais, banana, and halo-halo con yelos and even ice scrambles!

[On Lazada: Ice Crusher Machine]

If you and the kids prefer icecream and frozen popsicles, this popsicle tray is easy to and hassle-free. Just pour in your favorite creamy shake or flavored juice and pop them in the freezer, ready to go for some chilly delight.

[On Lazada: Candy Online 6-Cell Reusable Mould Tray DIY Popsicle Ice Cream Maker]

Keep all your cold treats chilled in this water dispenser slash cooler down below, ahead of its time, and breaking innovative ways. Plus, this is a real space-saver!

[On Lazada: Iwata AQUACOOL17-2 water dispenser]

Not only do you have to keep your environment and treats chilled, but you got to stay cool too. Get these loose and breathable sando tops that not only keep you fresh but also keep you in summer style.

[On Lazada: HQ Summer Sando Cotton Plus Size]

Remember, if we’re feeling hot, our pets must be too! Help them beat the heat too by checking these pet cooling pads out.

[On Lazada: Pet Cooling Pad Ice Gel Mat]

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