Lip-Smacking Good Food at Davao’s Beso

Lip-Smacking Good Food at Davao’s Beso

Ida Damo | December 28, 2018

Lip-Smacking Good Food at Davao’s Beso

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | December 28, 2018

Beso may be a new player in the restaurant industry in Davao but it has a long history of providing delicious food for Davaoeños.  How can this be so?  Well, its mother company is Yellow Fin, a must-stopover when in Davao if you want Filipino food and other delicious viands.  But Beso is offering “best sellers only” (hence the name), from the Yellowfin’s menu and more.

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Its restaurant is located in a subdivision thus the laid-back atmosphere.

What can you possibly order from Beso’s delicious spread?

Start with the Beso Salad of cauliflower with nuts, grapes, and capers and generously dribbled with their special sauce.  True to being an appetizer, it leaves your tongue open for the many delights that are following.

If you still want another appetizer, try the Pomelo Salad.  It’s the tangy, juicy, combination of sweet and sour pomelo which Davao is famous for with toppings and sidings of desiccated coconut and sweet and spicy dilis (anchovies).  The delicious mix blends so well in your mouth, you might want to order more.

Before going to the main dishes or ordering their ala carte, there’s Oyster Sisig in creamy sauce and served in a sizzling plate.  You will have a hard time leaving room for all the other dishes because you want to have second servings of the appetizers and the sisig so have a bottle of beer while at it.

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Then comes the Adobong Tuna Buntot which customers are craving for. Fresh tuna is sourced from General Santos City, marinated, cooked until the marinade seeps through the skin and into the meat, and then served hot retaining the tenderness and juiciness of the meat that bursts in your mouth. 

If you want soup, the Sinigang na Lechon offers a different take on the lechon while living up to its unique taste and more.  The roasted meat blends well with the sour characteristic of the sinigang offering a blend that is surprisingly delicious. 

Aside from main appetizers, main dishes, merienda fare, and desserts, Beso also serves Ala Carte: Tuna Laing with Tinapa Rice; Homemade Corned Beef in Garlic Rice; and Pork and Beans in Garlic Rice. 

These ala carte dishes are perfect for breakfast but Beso opens at 11am.  Any time you have it, it would be deliciously good to stave off your hunger. 

Tuna Laing is my favorite because the tuna wrapped in gabi (taro) leaves and cooked in creamy coconut milk is a perfect mix of sweet and just a hint of spiciness.  If you want to add hotness, crush the chili pepper that is provided on top of the dish.  Scoop laing and the rice topped with flaked tinapa and you have an interesting mix of flavors in your mouth.  

Corned beef is called as such because of the process of curing the beef with grained rock salt.  Beef meat as it is, is already naturally salty that is why if the amount of salt is too much, it would render your corned beef too salty.  But the homemade corned beef of Beso has meat so tender and the saltiness just right.  Have a spoonful with the garlic rice and the mix is just perfect. This comes with sunny side up egg. You may want to order this solo or on top of all the other dishes. 

The Pork and Beans does not look like your ordinary P & B in a can. For one, the pork is a healthy cut of pork chop that is deep fried but not oily and placed on top of the beans.  Second, the beans are a mix of whole and mashed beans.  Third, there’s a sunny side up egg that is also on top of the bed of beans, and fourth, the rice has fried garlic toppings.  

There’s a big probability that if you have lunch at Beso, you might stay long to savor the food and just relax in its comfortable surroundings.  

When your stomach muscles have settled down, there’s bibingka that has undergone 5 steps of cooking to be perfect.  Its spongy and “cakey” consistency does not crumble but sticks well and blends well with the dessicated coconut topping.   

Enough said.  That is what Beso brings to the table--- mouth-watering and tummy-filling dishes.

Thank you, Sir Ken and JC Angeles and Jimmy Gomez.

How to get there:
Major airlines have several flights daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Beso is located at Loreto corner University Avenue of Juna Subdivision in Matina, Davao City, 30 minutes away from the airport.

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