Top Three Bars for Your Next Quezon City Pub Crawl!

Top Three Bars for Your Next Quezon City Pub Crawl!

Gari Sy Rivera | November 26, 2019

Top Three Bars for Your Next Quezon City Pub Crawl!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | November 26, 2019

Photos by Mels Timan

Whether it’s to destress from a hard day’s work or to simply hangout with friends, most of us really need a night out to let loose! We usually have a vibe or mood that leads us to where we exactly want to go, so check this list out for three Quezon city pubs that might just be the spot you’re looking for!

The Beech

If you’re looking for a chill time to dine, drink, and unwind with your barkada, consider The Beech, located at Panay Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. The area’s rustic design together with the easygoing crowd creates the perfect environment for those who just want to let their hair down, not needing to get all dressed and glammed up, for a night of drinks and fun. The Beech offers your everyday local drinks, cocktail mixes, and a wide variety of favorite dishes for dinner or pulutan, such as their tender crispy pata, baked cheesy bangus, and shrimp with crab fat.

If you’re in the mood to sing your heart out, The Beech has a KTV room ready for you and your friends as well as function rooms for those who are interested in renting the place out for private parties and events!

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En Route Distillery

For a hyped, lively night out, En Route is where it’s at. The energy of the crowd at En Route is one that remains at a high.  A night spent here is filled with drinks, friends, beer-pong, and the DJ’s set of hottest hits, catering to your need of fun and excitement. The bar offers your favorites drinks and dishes of mostly American and Tex-Mex cuisine, like their hickory barbeque chicken wings that give the right amount of sweet BBQ flavor, and their sausage platter that varies in flavor, but ultimately standing out altogether in smokey savor- pairing these with your drinks will create the perfect combination!

En Route can be found at the corner of Scout Delgado and Tomas Morato Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

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Right above En Route Distillery is Stockroom, a cocktail lounge for those who want to spend their night out comfortably and classically. The speakeasy-esque pub, accompanied by modern tunes and dimmed lights, provides an environment where you can spend quality or casual time with good company or even on your own. Stockroom serves a menu of cocktails, composed of whiskey, bourbon, tequila, gin, rum, and vodka-based refreshments.  Notable Stockroom drinks include their fruity-tropical punch Sangria, refreshing rum-based Cucumber Corner, and their mix of Manila Mule where the subtle flavor of ginger and vodka meet and complement each other’s taste.

The lounge also serves local craft beers, brewed from different areas in the Philippines such as Pangasinan. These craft beers include Beech Ale, Stockroom Blonde, Encanto Lager and more.

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No matter who you’re with or whatever your energy might be, one of these pubs, if not all, will definitely provide the slice of nightlife you’re in need of. Drop by and drink responsibly!

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