Easy-Peasy Filipino Meriendas for Tasty Afternoons at Home!

Easy-Peasy Filipino Meriendas for Tasty Afternoons at Home!

Gari Sy Rivera | March 18, 2020

Easy-Peasy Filipino Meriendas for Tasty Afternoons at Home!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | March 18, 2020

Staying in isn’t as bad as it may seem sometimes, especially when you’ve got the company of food and loved ones right there with you. For a tasty afternoon at home, here are some favorite Pinoy meriendas that are hassle-free, super easy and fast to make. Let’s dig in!


A true fave! Banana simply wrapped in lumpia wrapper, deep-fried, and caramelized is mostly what it is but this recipe is loved by almost every generation. There’s a variety of fillings that can accompany the banana or solely stuff the turon instead, such as cheese, mangoes, even jackfruit, locally called langka. Totally doable at home and perfect to eat right as you finish making it, hot and fresh, its crunch would be like music to your ears.


Can’t get enough of that caramelized glaze? Karioka is another local snack that’s really not hard to make as it may seem. All you need to do is deep-fry mixed balls of coconut milk commonly called gata, flour, glutinous rice and macapuno. Boil some of that gata and brown sugar to dip the Karyoka in and voila! Homemade Karyoka for you and the fam, nothing could beat this!

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If a warm afternoon is what you want, a warm afternoon is what you’ll get with this sweet chocolate rice favorite! Glutinous rice, sugar, and cocoa powder is key to this super easy-make porridge, all you got to do is cook the rice, and add the sugar and cocoa powder mixed with warm water once the rice boils. As yummy as it already is, topping it off with condensed milk and a pair of Tuyo on the side takes it to the next level.

Lumpiang Togue

Also known as lumpiang gulay or vegetable lumpia, this may serve as a complete 360 from sweet lumpia wrapped treats such as turon, but it’s loved just the same and easy to make too! Sautéed shrimps, tofu, with fish sauce, carrots and bean sprouts wrapped in lumpia wrappers to deep-fry is what it’s all about. A perfect go-to merienda, best eaten with vinegar or soy sauce mixed with it!

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This god-tier street food is actually easy and fast to make, all you need are boiled quail eggs, flour, salt, and orange food coloring! Dip the eggs into flour, and dip them again in a bowl of mixed flour, salt, water and food coloring and deep fry them right after and there you’ll have it. Street food at its best, served and enjoyed right in the comfort of home. Don’t forget to dip them in suka!

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Pancit Bihon

How could we leave pancit out? Loved in almost every grand Filipino celebration, pancit bihon isn’t too complicated to make. Sautéed pork, chicken, and chicken cubes, boiled carrots, cabbage and other vegetables simmered are what you’ll want mixed with the noodles. Take all the boiled ingredients out and put the bihon noodles in, add some soy sauce and the rest of the ingredients back in and you’ve got yourself some good ol’ pancit bihon. Nothing beats the classic!

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