Philippine Comfort Ulams That Warm Our Hearts And Stomachs!

Philippine Comfort Ulams That Warm Our Hearts And Stomachs!

Gari Sy Rivera | March 24, 2020

Philippine Comfort Ulams That Warm Our Hearts And Stomachs!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | March 24, 2020

We all have those gloomy days, heavy ones too where the stress and blues take over. But even on our saddest days, we can always count of our  home made Pinoy dishes to come to the rescue! Brighten your day up and scroll through this list of our favorite GV ulams!


Adobong puti, dilaw, and the good ol’ toyo based- as long as it’s adobo, you know we’re in for a good treat! Not only do locals love this, foreigners around the world know this as an iconic Filipino dish as well and love it just as much.  Extra rice? Sabi ko nga!


A Filipino FAVE. Beef and vegetables immersed in thick savory peanut sauce, cooked to perfection. Nothing beats the unique flavor that Kare-kare gives: we know this to be true! Don’t forget the bagoong for the complete experience!

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Tocino + itlog = mouth-watering goodness! Most of us associate any silog meal for early morning breakfasts, but let’s not kid ourselves because we all know all-day breakfast meals are everything! As long as you got your tapa, longganisa, or sweet glazed tocino accompanied by sunny side ups and garlic rice, you’re good to go!


Let’s not  NEVER forget about this God-given blessing from above: Sinigang. Whether it’s the baboy, isda, hipon or salmon version, this might just be the very meal that touches our heart, stomach, and souls: the perfect dish to embody a warm Filipino home. Pass the patis and remember, asim is key!

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Dinuguan is a dish we all love and are proud to say is ours. Serve fresh off the stove and get in there! This rich stew of pig’s blood and vinegar is the real deal. Some like it hot and that ain’t bad. Add that green pepper because you know you want to!

Fried Chicken

Get the banana-ketchup ready, you know it! Filipinos find joy in the simplest of things, such as meals like pritong manok for us to gather and eat together at home. It could be battered and crunchy, even dunk and fried of toyo-mansi. Fried chicken is the way to go for an easy, fun time.

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