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A Pinoy Keto Bakeshop for All Your Sugar-free Sweet Cravings

Gari Sy Rivera | July 15, 2020

A Pinoy Keto Bakeshop for All Your Sugar-free Sweet Cravings

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | July 15, 2020

Keto Filipino is an artisanal keto bakeshop located at Greenhills Towncenter, Quezon City known for its sugar-free, gluten-free, and low-carb cakes and pastries. “[Our products are] suitable for everyone but most especially for those who want to avoid sugar and those who don't want to gain weight while enjoying deserts,” owner Kay Guevarra relates, catering their menu to those taking on the ketogenic diet and those who simply want to indulge in sweets without the worry of sugar and carb intake.

Keto Filipino’s story started back in December 2017, where HRM graduate Kay’s curiosity and interest in cooking and eating healthier meals grew. She had a sweet tooth and was advised to start a healthier diet since her mom was diagnosed as diabetic. “That same year, I began my journey and searched the internet. Keto was getting really popular during that time, and I read about it, I watched videos and podcasts and said, “I think this is something I can do.”" Throughout her research, Kay discovered that most dishes and snacks that were sugar-free or low-carb weren’t the like of sweet desserts, but more so salty treats such as chicharron and peanuts. Inspired, this baker at heart decided to venture into baking tasty, sugar-free and low-carb bread and desserts herself.

What began as a trial of products offered to friends and officemates, her venture gradually grew into a successful small keto bakeshop home business that turned into Kay’s new career in just a span of six months. “That’s the time na I told myself, 'I think it’s time to focus sa baking.' So I quit my job and I decided to focus on it. I started the business inside my condo. Now, after 2 years, we already have a bakeshop and employees.” Loved for their sweet yet healthy products, Keto Filipino has earned recognition from companies and television shows such as ABS-CBN’s My Puhunan.


Keto Filipino's Yema Cakes | Photo from Keto Filipino

Keto Filipino's Cupcakes: Double Chocolate, Matcha, and Ensaimada | Photo from Keto Filipino

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Becoming the thriving keto bakeshop brand it is today, Keto Filipino continues to practice its purpose of producing healthy desserts, researched and balanced in nutrients, no matter how tricky the baking process may be. Kay shares that they use alternative or plant-based ingredients to keep their treats sugar and gluten-free, such as fibers, flaxseeds, low-carb coconut or almond flour instead of the usual baking flour, and natural sweeteners like stevia and erythritol as a substitute for sugar.

Baking is already an exact, systematic process. To apply the aspect of Keto makes it even more measured and complex. “It’s tricky because almond flour and coconut flour don’t have the same behavior compared to white flour because they don’t have gluten. Gluten makes the dough rise, flexible, and fluffy. That’s the difference if you compare it to normal or traditional baking. Taste-wise, I would say it’s the same or even better.”

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Keto Filipino started out with one item on the menu, which was the cheese loaf back in 2017. Today, the bakeshop offers 20 delectable treats on their menu. These notable dishes include their chocolate obsession cake, butter loaf, Good Cookies, and their Halaya cookies. Just the sight of these has us drooling already!

Swipe through the gallery below to see these sweet treats!

For more on Keto Filipino visit their website and see the rest of their menu. Keto Filipino is open at its main branch at Greenhills and delivers within Metro Manila and its surrounding outskirts such as Cavite or Rizal via their Facebook and Instagram pages. The bakeshop’s items are also available for delivery via Foodpanda and Grab. Their products are available at health and nutrition shops as well such as Healthy Edge in Shangri La Ortigas, Real Food BGC, and Real Food Alabang. Keto Filipino is soon moving to a bigger store which means we can anticipate more tasty items on their menu to satisfy our sweet cravings! They’re also looking for resellers online today, hit them up if interested!

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